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The Next Step in Seeking Compensation

You have been through an accident that has had a major effect on many aspects of your life and your daily routine. You have likely made calls to your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and others you know who have been through an accident in order to seek advice on what the next step is for a personal injury. You may have even called the insurance adjust or or your personal insurance agent to get the desired answers. Why go through all the hassle when we have the best suggestion for you? Setup a meeting with our experienced personal injury lawyers who will give you the best advice in protecting your rights and interest. Call us now about your auto accident claim and let us put you in competent hands.

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During your free consultation with one of our Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys, we will answer all of your questions relating to the process of personal injury and other property damage. We have the most experienced attorneys that can help with your car accident claim along with answering your questions that no insurance agent was able to answer.

We Understand what you are Going Through

We know that you can barely understand a word the police officer is saying to you. You or a loved one have been in an accident and are not sure what the next step is. We understand the dilemma and are here to help with your personal injury claim.

You may worry that things will never be back to normal after your auto accident, and your future may seem unclear. We understand the situation and can take comfort in the fact that we have helped thousands of Arizona auto accident victims get their lives back, their financial outlook turned around and their get back on the ground after the accident.

We know that your situation may feel never-ending. Your normal everyday troubles are seemingly nonexistent because everything has changed, but we will find the best solutions to your problems and do all we can to get your life back on track.

Getting the Answers you Need

Finding a lawyer that you like a their entire lives without needing an attorney, instead preferring to ask family and friends for solutions. The situation of that family member who was involved in an accident brags about squeezing out insurance companies, and can’t relate to the problems you are having. After all, you are not suing for selfish reasons. You know this accident was real and need answers from someone who can make sense of it all. Take the first step and call us. We will tell you if you need a lawyer or if you don’t. It is that simple.

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We have never met a single person who thought that one day they would be a victim to a life-altering car accident. You like to feel in control of your life and an auto accident is an uncontrollable situation. After such a life-altering accident, your life is filled with unimaginable stress in which your time, energy, money and health are torn in hundreds of directions.

Your first step after your personal injury should be to call us. We will schedule either a telephonic or convenient in-person meeting to discuss your case and your immediate needs. We will discuss your medical concerns and explore each and every option available to you. Your meeting with us will leave you with a well-developed and personalized action plan that will be of great help to you and your family, and a complete understanding of the legal rights and remedies available for car accident claims.

We expect during your appointment to address your most significant and concerning questions. You will leave with a personalized plan of action and a comprehensive idea of how your case will proceed so that you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together. Accidents are both terrifying and traumatic. We are proud to say we are capable of guiding you through the personal injury claim from start to finish.

We are Here to Take The Burden Off Your Shoulders

We understand and believe that those who have been though an accident and personal injury don’t need any further stress in their lives than they are already forced to endure. This is especially true when you work with a lawyer who does not care to explain the procedure or legalese associated with your case. The secrets and knowledge that we at Thompson Law Firm share are designed and intended to give ordinary people just like you confidence about their options and the claims process, so that you can make an educated and informed decision in your case and your life.

Knowledge is Power

You are here because you know that time is of the essence, and the time is now. However, starting the personal injury process without completely understanding your rights can easily make your situation worse and even possibly ruin the case completely. The legal rights and remedies available to you will be of no use if you make the mistake of saying too much. Whether you plan to proceed with a lawyer or not, there is no harm in understanding the law and the various option available to you.

You already have a lot to deal with due to the accident. Ignoring your children, spouse, and family for legal paperwork is not worth your precious time.

Start this process today by scheduling a meeting with a personal injury lawyer to help you understand for yourself what exactly is involved and at stake. Learn what is necessary to protect your interests and start the healing process.

The last thing you want to do is in making the wrong decision for your health, life, and financial well-being.

Hiring a lawyer for your accident claim does not have to be scary. You’ve hear the stories about paying attorney’s fees, costs and expenses only resulting in getting next to nothing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Find a law firm that meets with you, understands your needs, and works to produce results you need—nothing more and nothing less.

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With offices in Chandler and Phoenix Arizona, Thompson Law Firm is a law firm dedicated solely to auto accident victims, victims of DUI and families who’ve lost a love one to a car accident. Founded in 2006, the firm provides support to individuals and families stricken by the negligence of another and help in seeking compensation and justice for their injuries. Our staff expertly addresses the complex issues of liability, injuries, property damage and the psychological pain that come with an unexpected event like a car accident. Our innovative approach acknowledges that an auto accident is so much more than just a legal matter. Specialties include vehicle damage, diminished value, medical bills, medical treatment, future care and costs, loss of consortium claims, and lost wage relief.

What Sets Thompson Law Firm Apart from Others?

  • Our attorneys work exclusively on a small number of cases
  • We have an open policy on our fees and all of our costs so there are no surprises.
  • Our clients work with a specially trained team of professional that include medical professionals, accident re-constructionist and economists.
  • We use state of the art technology to form the best communications with our clients

We See Every Auto Accident Victim as a Unique Individual

We acknowledge each client’s situation as totally different. Though we recognize that auto accidents occur all of the time, each client should only experience it once. Our team of auto accident professionals listen to each client’s situation and work with them on solutions that are best suited for their case. Each client has a different set of needs and we work every step of the way to meet all of their needs.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

While going through the process, our clients’ discover we are more than just their attorneys, we are a team of dedicated auto injury professionals who advocate for them. We take the time to ensue every issue, every injury, every future concern is covered before we reach a settlement. Our goals are closely aligned with those of our clients and get great outcomes. We want the best financial outcome for every auto accident victim and we meet their needs throughout the process to reach our mutual goal.

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