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After a Car Accident

Auto accidents happen very fast, barely giving you enough time to react and can have devastating and chaotic results. Thompson Law Firm’s articles on auto accidents will answer your questions about what to do after an auto accident, who to talk to, when you should seek out medical treatment and other steps necessary to solve your auto accident claim. Free resources from an actual Phoenix car accident attorney…

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Get answers from Thompson Law Firm attorneys and members of Arizona’s personal injury forum. Ask questions and learn from others who have gone through the process.

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The next step in your injury claim is taking action.  We are here to pick up the pieces of your life, that includes your medical bills, your lost wages, the anxiety you feel about getting back in the car, we understand it all. We know the ambulance company that took you to the hospital, even if you don’t and we can get those EMT records and bills. We step right into your claim and take charge.  We start talking to everyone from the rental car company to the insurance adjuster, the police, and everyone in between.

We will keep your claim moving, we will keep you updated, we will get information to you as it is happening. We use technology, online resources and a rolodex of medical experts and accident reconstructionists to your benefit. We keep you informed, we advise you of the updates and we give you options so you make an educated decision about your claim.

We don’t leave any rock unturned and we’ve had twenty plus years of experience in personal injury to ensure you are compensated fairly and receive everything you are entitled to.

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We can answer your questions about medical treatment, police reports, what you can expect in the future, how to establish your lost wage claim, what to expect at your perpetrator’s sentencing, how to claim victim compensation. Get help from an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney.