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Being involved in an auto accident is not only stressful and scary but it can have much bigger implications for people when they’re injured. Physical injuries like broken bones, cuts, and bruises typically show immediately after an accident and are visible for Doctors to see and treat. Some injuries, however, don’t initially show themselves but develop later down the line, causing more pain and discomfort. 

As auto accident attorneys, we receive a lot of cases that are auto accidents but every one of them is unique and the same is noted for the injuries that are caused as no two people ever have the same injuries sustained even if their accidents are identical, such as rear-end collisions. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash are very common in auto accidents and can prove slightly more difficult to claim for due to being internal.

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What is soft tissue injury?

A soft tissue injury is any type of injury that can develop after a sudden impact accident and affects muscle, ligament, and soft tissues as opposed to bones. Soft tissue damage can take many different injury forms including;

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs in the spine
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Sprains and muscle strain
  • Hernias
  • Nerve damage such as pinched or compressed nerves

The most common injury from auto accidents is whiplash due to seatbelts being positioned across the body in such a way that on impact necks and spines tend to take the full force. With soft tissue damage, the injuries tend to show themselves up to 10 days after the actual incident and are often longer-term medical ailments that need further treatment and ongoing rehab.

Soft tissue injuries can also start to build up medical costs as they typically need more investigative work from a specialist accident doctor as well as ongoing procedures such as MRI scans and even rehab treatments.

How to prove a soft tissue injury after a car accident

Due to the internal nature of a soft tissue injury, it can be harder to prove the injury is there and happened as a direct result of a car accident. An experienced accident attorney will however know how to prove soft tissue injuries and will guide you through the kind of evidence to gather that will help your case;

    • Medical records– Your doctor’s recommendations and notes as well as any treatments you’ve had so far will help create a picture of ongoing injuries 
    • Test results– Any evidence, scan imagery and results from tests you’ve had will also help prove ongoing injuries
    • Pictures of the crash– Images of your accident are some of the best forms of evidence too as a court will be able to see the extent of injuries caused by the accident scene
    • Pictures of bruising- Of course, if your soft tissue injuries have manifested in bruising or physical marks taking photographs will also help provide sufficient evidence for your accident claim

Your accident attorney can help build the right evidence source for proving soft tissue injuries and represent your injuries in the right way to secure the compensation that truly reflects your ongoing pain and injuries.

 Previous Cases of Soft Tissue Injuries We’ve Won

As accident attorney’s we’ve worked on many cases for clients with soft tissue damage that has developed after having an auto accident. One of our previous cases involved a lady who was rear-ended by someone as she tried to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of her. She suffered from persistent neck and back pain after her accident and eventually, her soft-tissue injuries required long-term medical expenses totaling $27,000.00. She treated for only two months and decided to forego making a claim for future medical expenses. After working with our experienced attorneys, here at Thompson Law Firm, her case was settled for $19,700.00.

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