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Overseeing a Drunk-Driving Accident

Arizona Attorneys Representing Injured Drunk-Driving Accident Victims of Alcohol Over-serving As driving under the influence of drink and drugs continues to be one of the driving factors behind so many …

DUI Victims of Car Accidents

Injuries and deaths caused by DUI accident victims on Arizona roads Being involved in a car accident can change the lives of everyone involved, but when you’re a victim of …

DUI Law: Civil vs. Criminal Court

The aftermath of a car accident is life-changing for all parties involved, but it can be especially difficult for someone who was seriously injured by a drunk driver. There is …

Testifying in a Criminal Case as a Victim of a DUI Accident

A DUI is considered a “victimless” crime in Arizona; thus, a defendant can be prosecuted even if no one was injured prior to the arrest. However, if you were injured in …

Insurance Coverage and Driving Under the Influence

Anyone who is involved in an accident knows that their physical bodily recovery is only part of recovery equation.  Insurance companies undoubtedly get involved after an accident as insurance agents …

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