Broken Bones in a Car Accident

One of the leading causes of broken bones is involvement in a car accident, simply because during any collision your body absorbs a tremendous amount of impact. Some of the most common bones broken during a collision are lower legs and femurs, arms and wrists, clavicles (collarbones), hips, and ribs. Common fractures include all bones listed above, as […]

What to do if you’ve had a low-speed rear-end accident

Having an accident at any speed is traumatic and stressful, let alone often painful so having an accident at lower speeds shouldn’t be taken less seriously. All accidents have the potential to cause damage and destruction to people and property- and even at lower speeds, a rear-end accident poses a threat. In the US, rear-end […]

Receiving medical treatment after a rear-end accident

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident and managed to escape without any immediate injury or pain, you should always get medical treatment- just in case! There have been many accident cases where injuries develop after the initial accident and can go undetected which often leads to further medical complications. Whether your accident was […]

Rear-end Accidents At Stop Signs- All You Need To Know

Rear-end accidents and stop signs are two of the most common elements of a car accident in our busy towns across America, as we try to rush through our busy daily lives. Stop signs are a prominent feature in many accident cases, with drivers either running them without stopping or colliding into another car that […]

Rear-end Accidents At High-speed- All You Need To Know

Due to the very nature of rear-end accidents, the significance of speed as a factor often results in catastrophic injuries and ongoing health issues as a direct result of being involved in a rear-end accident at high-speed. Often, people in rear-end accidents have neck and spine injuries caused by direct force and tragically brain injuries […]

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