Earn $1,000 By Making A Difference

We Are Awarding Scholarships For High School Seniors in Maricopa County

Want in on the action?

It’s simple. All you need to do is:

Spend roughly an hour writing an essay. Submit your essay to us.

You will have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship towards your college education.

Essay Topic

How your community can prevent underage drinking and driving.


April 30, 2018

April is the Alcohol Awareness Month and we are taking applications and essays until the end of next April.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you:

  • Live in Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Are a high school senior
  • Applied for full-time enrollment at any community college or four-year university
  • Submit your essay to Thompson Law Firm before the April 30, 2018 deadline

So How Does This Work?

We are looking for fresh ideas on reducing underage drinking and driving in our community.

We feel the best way to get these ideas is to hear directly from you.

We will award $5,000 in college scholarships to five high school seniors who live in and go to school in Maricopa County. To qualify, you must apply for full-time enrollment at any community college or four-year university. Your college can either be in-state or out-of-state.

To get a chance to win the scholarship:

  1. You will write an essay on how we can help curb teenage drinking and driving.
  2. Submit a scholarship application to the Thompson Law Firm by the deadline above.

Winners will be announced on Facebook after a Facebook Contest. We will then circulate the best essays within our community, MADD, policy makers and other grassroots leaders in the Phoenix metro area.

Your ideas will be adopted by our community to foster positive change.

That will be how you make a difference.

What’s In It For Me?

The annual Thompson Law Firm Scholarship program is an exciting opportunity for local high school seniors to have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship toward their college education.

That’s $1,000 you’ll get for roughly an hour’s worth of work. Can’t beat those rates!

That’s $1,000 less tuition you’ll pay.

That’s $1,000 (plus interest) in student loans you don’t have to pay back after you graduate.

But… this is actually not even about money.

On the contrary, the most important thing here is:

You can potentially save a life.

This is about making enough of a difference in your own community — right here where you live — that someone, somewhere, will make the right choice to not drink and drive.

Such a choice would have positive ripple effects on your community and its future.

A potential accident would be averted.

A life would potentially be saved.

A family, maybe even one you personally know, would be spared the devastating grief and anguish they’d experience when they lose a loved one to a drunk driver.

I'm In! Sign Me Up Now

Just contact us using the email form below, and say you are interested in this scholarship opportunity. We’ll email you the instructions and an application form for you to fill out.

How We Are Involved In Our Community

In collaboration with the MADD and the April’s Alcohol Awareness Month, The Thompson Law Firm is actively involved in preventing drunk driving accidents in Phoenix.

Our firm has chosen this investment in our youth so that all of us together can help prevent underage drinking and driving. We are proud to make a difference in our community by awarding college scholarships to deserving high school seniors in Maricopa County.

– Christy Thompson

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