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Whether you’ve had an auto accident in Pittsburgh, have a loved one experiencing abuse or neglect in a nursing home, or simply need advice about you or a family member’s SSI claim, we’re here to help.

Since setting up in 2005, we’ve offered comprehensive legal advice for a range of matters from DUI, auto accidents, nursing home abuse cases as well as offered advice for SSI disability claims for many of our clients. As experienced attorneys for Pittsburg, we understand just how distressing, painful, and often timely it can be finding a trusted attorney to help guide you through one of the most stressful times of your life. But it doesn’t have to be stressful with the right legal representative.

From finding the nearest hospital to locating the police station and even where you can get advice on your SSI disability claim if you live in Pittsburgh, our team of dedicated attorneys is ready to take your call.

We’re your whole family’s law attorney in Pittsburgh

As our attorneys work with many different types of legal cases, they know if they take on your case, they’re representing your family too. From accident claims to nursing home abuse cases, our lawyers give you and your family the time they need to express themselves whilst helping us build a case to represent you.

We’ve represented clients in Pittsburgh on a range of accident cases throughout our time including;

Our attorneys often work with accident doctors on auto cases and we’d always recommend consulting with a specialist accident doctor. If you’ve already sought medical advice or had a once over, it might be worth seeking a second opinion and working with an accident doctor. An accident doctor is a medical professional who has specific training in accident injuries and spotting things that your normal GP may not.

The Leading Slip And Fall Lawyers In Pittsburgh

Working with families on sensitive cases that involve nursing home residents is one of the more challenging cases our lawyers typically handle as it usually involves representing a highly vulnerable individual and their distressed families. We take great pride in handling even the more sensitive cases and our team is always happy to help throughout the case, whenever you need.

We have handled many different types of cases of nursing home abuse in Pittsburgh including;

Filing A Police Report At a Pittsburgh Police Station

As attorneys, we’ve built a long and ongoing relationship with the Police force in Pittsburgh, often working with Police officers at some point along in the case. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident, want to report abuse, or feel something ‘off’ is happening and need to report it, we’d always recommend reporting it to the police. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at fault as the Police will record it and take a statement from you- it could turn out to help your case later on so it’s imperative to report the accident.

There are several police stations located across Pittsburgh, depending on where your accident happened in the city, named after the areas they’re located in zones 1-6.

Offering ongoing support for your legal case

Should your accident case reach county court, it’s always advisable to do a little research and find out where the county court of clerks in Pittsburgh, PA, is. If your accident happened within the city district and hasn’t been settled via your insurance company, it’s very likely that it’ll be heard at the county court in Pittsburgh.

  • The Allegheny County Courthouse address is 436 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, United States
  • If you’re unsure about getting there before you visit, why not call the courthouse directly on +141 23506500

if you’ve had an accident in Pittsburgh and your car can be repaired, you’re probably wondering where to start looking for a trusted mechanic. Our attorneys have worked with a few different companies and would recommend contacting the following auto repair shops as they typically focus on accident repairs and collisions for vehicles.

Helping Out With Your SSI Disability Claim

Here in the US, almost 10 million people receive social security disability benefits every year. However, federal law mandates a very strict definition of a disability, and therefore, the process can become complicated in determining whether you are eligible. If you’re wondering if you or a family member could qualify or want to find out more about filing an SSI disability claim, our lawyers can help you. Why not speak to our experienced attorneys today on (866) 932-0041 and find out whether you qualify for SSI.

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