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Car accidents are proof that bad things can happen to good people. Your entire life gets turned upside-down in a fraction of a second.

Are you a busy mom who got hit by a red light runner while driving your kids home from soccer practice?

Are you a hard-working dad who got hit by a truck on your way home from work?

Are you an everyday person who had their life changed when they got hit in a car, motorcycle, or trucking accident? If that sounds like you, we can help.

The injury attorneys at Thompson Law Firm have significant experience in helping clients who need help filing a personal injury claim for a Scottsdale auto accident.  Our offices are conveniently located in ChandlerPeoria, and North Phoenix, and we can meet in-person or over the phone or video call.

By the way, we will also help with other problems that have cost you sleep, like getting a rental car very soon and finding a nearby doctor who can help you. Even the best legal team isn’t good enough if your quality of life isn’t sustainable while justice and compensation are on the way. The whole point of legal action is to regain quality of life, so we help you long-term as attorneys and short-term as your go-to people.

If you are unsure whether or not you can afford an attorney, don’t worry. We only get paid when you settle. Check out our Attorney Fees Calculator to find out more.

Scottsdale Auto Injury Lawyers

We are legal experts dealing with auto accident and personal injury claims not just in Scottsdale, but also in the greater Phoenix metro area including Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and Chandler. Our team specializes in Arizona law regarding personal injury, property damage and getting fair compensation in auto accident claim settlements. We know the nuances of Arizona personal injury law inside and out, and we will advise you on how to get fair compensation from your Scottsdale auto accident claim within our jurisdiction here in Phoenix. We also how to navigate the Phoenix court system on your behalf.

We can help you with many different types of Personal Injury cases:

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Read on for more information about Scottsdale’s most dangerous intersections, red light cameras, and hospitals near you, as well as a case summary demonstrating our track record in the Scottsdale area. If you need any additional information or help after your Scottsdale auto accident that is not listed here, feel free to call us, and we’ll help you find the information and help you need.

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Scottsdale Auto Accident Lawyers

Our team at Thompson Law are legal experts when it comes to dealing with Scottsdale auto accident and personal injury claims in the greater Phoenix metro area including Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler. Our local team can navigate Arizona personal injury law, and know the local areas very well which often helps when navigating the Phoenix court system on your behalf.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Scottsdale

Hospital Locations Near You

Previous Scottsdale Auto Accident Cases We’ve Worked On

Thompson Law Firm has a long track record of successes for clients. While on a bicycle, our client was side-swiped by a vehicle passing her. She was taken by an ambulance to the Chandler Regional Medical Facility. After treatment for her injuries, she was found to have a broken leg and permanent nerve damage. The Thompson Law Firm obtained all available insurance policies and negotiated with them to pay their entire policies.Our client sought hospital and medical care for her injuries.

This Scottsdale auto accident case was settled at $100,000.

Applying Our Local Knowledge to Cases

With more than 10 years of experience working with Scottsdale auto accident cases, we have become familiar with some of Scottsdale’s most dangerous intersections. Our Union Hills Drive office sits near one of the accident hot-spots on the Loop 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard intersection in Scottsdale. This particular intersection saw over 140 collisions in 2020 alone.

Knowing the Scottsdale auto accident spots means our attorneys can use localized knowledge when building your case and apply it to our unique and proven strategy to help win your case. We also handle very sensitively and emotionally charged nursing home abuse cases and are able to create solid legal cases to represent you and your loved ones.

At Thompson Law we can handle your case remotely, so you can stay home, stay safe and be confident you’re being represented by Arizona’s leading law firm.

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