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Compensation for DUI Victims

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A Bar’s Shared Responsibility in a DUI Accident

The Person Who Hit Me Was Drinking. Do I Have a Case Against the Bar That Was Overserving Them? As driving under the influence of drink and drugs continues to …

Brain Injury After a DUI Accident

There are many problems that can come from being the victim of a drunk driver, but a DUI accident is not just about damage that can be easily seen. There …

Restitution in DUI Cases

Being involved in a car accident caused by the reckless actions of a drunk driver is a life-altering event that no amount of money can repair. Much of the property …

Punitive Damages in DUI Cases

Punitive damages (which are also called exemplary damages) are damages intended to “punish” someone who is guilty of a tort. They also serve to warn others not to engage in …

Damages for DUI Victims Explained

Although sometimes perceived as such, monetary awards from personal injury claims as a result of a car accident are not like winning the lottery. Nobody daydreams about receiving money because …