Attorney Fees Calculator

Generally, attorneys get paid in two ways. One is via retainer, where you pay a lump sum upfront. The other is by contingency, when you don’t pay anything unless you win your case.

At Thompson Law Firm, we work on a contingency basis.

Here’s How Attorney Fees Work in Personal Injury:

Before we start on your case, we go over a contract with you that outlines our fees. As shown in the fee calculator above, you have two options: 33% or 40%. In the best of circumstances, we start with a 33% fee and finalize your case with a 33% fee. However, much can change in a case and if litigation is involved, our fee is 40%.

For straightforward cases that are settled without litigation, our fees are 33%. How is this calculated? Let’s say your case settles for $100,000.00. Our legal fees would be 33.3% or $33,300.00. It would be subtracted from the $100,000.00 settlement. The balance, or $66,700.00, would be for any medical expenses, any costs you incurred and for you.

For cases involving litigation against the other party, 40% is the fee charged. These fees are separate and apart from expenses that may be incurred in your case. Typically, every case has some fees, which are things like the cost of the police report, the cost of obtaining your medical records and bills, possibly an expert to give an opinion about your future medical care or whether your injury is chronic. If your claim is in litigation then you will have court costs, deposition costs, possibly mediator costs. As costs come up, we do discuss them with our client so they understand all the costs and fees involved in their claim. All of those costs are paid by the firm and then reimbursed from your settlement.

Get A Free Case Evaluation First

Before you hire an attorney to work with you, it is best to do a free consultation where you give us all relevant facts of your case. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like. We will give you an honest and frank evaluation of your case.

The problem with doing everything yourself is that people tend to delay medical treatment and delay filing a claim. Plus, working with insurers directly can harm your case because their only concern is paying you as little as possible.

With an attorney by your side, you and your attorney will be even more motivated to win your case and get even more out of your settlement than a do-it-yourselfer otherwise can.

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