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Worst vehicle accidents of 2019 in Arizona

We all know accidents can happen-especially as we’re all trying to make our way through busy streets and freeways in a wide range of motor vehicles. Then you add in other factors like tiredness, sunspots, driving under the influence of drink or drugs- and you’ve got a whole new level of accidents waiting to happen.

When it comes to some of the worst vehicle accidents to happen in America, the state of Arizona ranks 7th worst in the country– but why? We look at some of the factors that may be causing more accidents on our highways than other places in the US as well as explore some of the worst vehicle accidents of 2019.

US-93 listed as the most dangerous highway in the country

Let’s start with our highways- according to consumer site Value Penguin, Arizona has the worst highway in the country for accidents, the US-93 highway to be precise. This is the road that goes from Phoenix to Las Vegas and according to the data, has the most fatalities than any other road in America with 90 fatalities being recorded between 2010 and 2016! Due to a number of factors including how deserted many parts of the highway are and how fast people drive, the road has become notorious for some pretty awful vehicle accidents.

DUI Dad tragically kills his own son Dec 2019

Driving under the influence is sadly a common cause of accidents in Arizona and in December 2019 a car accident that was caused by a DUI driver ended in total tragedy as the child in the car died. The dad who was driving at the time, jumped a curb before hitting a traffic post killing his son at the scene. Police arrested the driver and found him to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police warn about distracted driving after two teens die in separate incidents

We’ve previously covered distracted drivers and their impact on accident figures, but in November 2019 tragedy struck not once but twice as a direct result of drivers being distracted by smart devices in their cars. On 15 November, in Peoria, a 14-year-old boy was struck and tragically killed by a vehicle as he was in a crosswalk and crossing the street near Peoria High School. Heartbreakingly, on the same day, a few hours later a 13-year-old Payton Munger was struck by a school bus at the intersection of 144th Avenue and Indian School Road. Both cases are still ongoing but the Sheriff involved released a sobering statement about drivers becoming distracted behind the wheel.

Child records her own mother drink-driving

A rather more positive ending to a drink-driving story was that of a 10-year-old girl from Glendale filming her own mother getting behind the wheel of her car under the influence of alcohol before then calling 911 to report her. Her quick-thinking move ensured that any DUI accident was luckily prevented as the Police were able to stop the vehicle and later arrested the mother for DUI.

Here at Thompson Law, we’ve recounted some of the worst auto accidents we’ve personally dealt with, helping to raise awareness for the range of accidents that happen but also to help share other victims’ experiences and their outcomes. 


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