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Why not all car accident injuries are the same

We probably don’t need to tell you that when it comes to car accidents and the injuries caused- no case is ever the same. In fact, as the victim of an auto accident, you’ll already know your injuries are personal and can only be felt by you. But is your insurance company treating you as an individual or even recognizing your pain as being unique? 

Here at Thompson Law, our team is all too familiar with car accident injuries being grouped together but we work hard to see the individual needs of every case. And that’s our approach to representing your case too. During those few moments directly after an accident, before the police arrive, you are probably overwhelmed by questions over how bad the damage is, what exactly happened, who took what action, and most importantly am I or my passengers injured?

Building your case from the accident scene

From the moment your accident happened you may have been very aware of any injuries you’ve sustained. Perhaps your passenger was injured too or the plaintiff was injured, or your own injuries didn’t start to develop until a few days after. An insurance company will want to speak to you almost straight away but your aches and pains may only start a week or even two after the incident happened. 

Reporting immediate injuries is far easier than having to reach out to the insurance company again or update your claim with further injuries as they will no doubt be very pressed for time and may not even accept your injuries as being a result of your original accident. 

If you’re struggling to get the insurance company to recognize your injuries as being a result of your accident, our experienced accident attorneys can help fight your case. We’ve got years of experience working with many different insurance providers and can help update your case and ensure the insurers are considering all aspects of your claim before reaching a settlement.

Why we know your accident injuries are unique

From your injuries to the circumstances in which your accident happened, our experienced team here at Thompson Law has handled many injury cases and every one of them has been unique. We make this case to the insurance companies that we then have to work with, in order to secure you the best possible outcome. From the injuries you initially sustained to any ongoing aches, pains, and even developing injuries after your accident, we’ll make sure everything is well documented and present the case to the insurance company so they have all the information at hand.

They may not have the time to see you as an individual and not just another case number- but that’s what we’re for hiring the right legal team for your accident case will really help your injuries being recognized as unique.

Our previous handy guide covers extensively why not all car accident injuries should be treated the same helps explain more about how we approach each case we work on and why. Here at Thompson Law, we’re always keen to share our own experiences and some experiences from previous claims we’ve worked on so we can help new clients just like you avoid having to go through the same things.


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