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What You Need To Know If You’ve Been Involved In A Head-on Car Crash

As one of the most deadly accidents that happen on the roads in the US each year, head-on collisions may only make up 2% of recorded accidents in the US every year, but over 10% prove to be fatal. Due to the very nature of the accident, head-on’s are typically accidents that happen at speed and are unpredictable, leaving both drivers with little time to react.

Our team of accident attorneys has represented head-on crashes over the years and each one had unique circumstances and outcomes. Whilst some cases we’ve previously represented have seen both parties completely recover in a head-on collision, many cases we’ve worked on have seen significant permanent changes for both drivers as a result of being involved in a head-on.

Head-on Car Crash Injuries

Due to the very nature of head-on crashes, the chances are injuries will be significant and have longer-lasting implications on their life, as a direct result of the instant impact. Depending on the speed of the accident as well as the safety features your vehicle might have, your injuries will be individual to your accident. Common injuries that happen after head-on crashes include neck and shoulder injuries such as whiplash, spinal and pelvic injuries as well as head injuries. 

Concussion and traumatic brain injuries are tragically common after a head-on accident due to the acceleration force and sudden stop of hitting another vehicle. These types of injuries often have devastating and long-lasting effects on an individual, impacting them for the rest of their life. Brain and spinal injuries will typically need a lot of extensive medical attention, and often permanently change a lifestyle and even alter personality due to living in constant pain as a result of their injuries.

What To Look For When Hiring A Head-on Car Crash Attorney

If you or a family member has been involved in a head-on accident and want to find a legal representative for your case, we’d always recommend doing your research first. Working with an attorney through a very sensitive and difficult accident case is often traumatic and stressful so choosing a professional who you feel understands your case is really important. It’s also important to trust your attorney to represent your case clearly if it reaches court as they will need to understand how much the accident has had an impact on you and the lives of your loved ones.

Look for some listed experience or case studies of previous head-on accidents when looking at law firms and make sure to choose a local firm as it can be comforting to visit your attorney in person for some meetings. Building a relationship with your accident attorney will not only help them when expressing the significant impact the accident has had on your life but also helps create trust between you both.

It’s always important to work with someone you can share any concerns or worries with too. Our friendly and experienced team are always happy to have a free consultation with you and your family members to establish whether we can help.

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