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What Is Distracted Driving & Are You Guilty Of Doing It?

Being distracted behind the wheel may not seem like the most dangerous activity you could be doing when driving, but tragically it took 2,841 lives in 2018 alone. Distracted driving by definition is a major factor in a car accident that can easily be avoided but sadly, is all too common. We explore the top 10 most common distractions that are recorded after accidents that have been caused, that could have been avoided.

The 10 most common distractions when driving

According to Safe Start, the most common cause of distracted driving is being ‘lost in thought’ or daydreaming with over 62% of accidents reported as being distracted driving incidents. And that figure isn’t too surprising as driving or traveling tends to be the only opportunity many of us have to sit and think about our thoughts. 

We explore the most common distractions people have cited as an excuse for causing an accident;

  1. 62%- Being “lost in thought” the biggest cause of distracted driving fatalities is a driver’s mind wandering for long enough to lead to a collision and tragically someone’s death.
  2. 12%- cellphones. It’s probably no surprise that the second-leading cause of distraction-related car accidents is cellphones being used while driving- even the hands-free 
  3. 7%- Known as “Rubbernecking” looking at a person, object or event outside is even more of a distraction than the person in the passenger seat!
  4. 5%- Other people in the car can often be very distracting when driving and 5% of crashes recorded resulted in a collision because of a passenger
  5. 2%- Using or reaching for something in the car like a satnav or cellphone can lead to a serious accident.
  6. 2%- Fiddling with controls. Whether it’s adjusting the volume or fixing climate controls even a moment is a factor in a small number of traffic fatalities.
  7. 2%- Eating and drinking. With every car having cupholders, it can be all too tempting to use them!
  8. 1% Smoking- One in a hundred accidents is related to lighting a cigarette, smoking, or putting it out.
  9. 1% moving objects- in the car such as insects and pets can lead to distraction and often a crash. At least one source suggests that it may be an underreported cause of distraction.
  10. Lastly, 1% of distracted accidents are caused by using controls built in the car like mirrors or seatbelts

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