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What are your rights after a manufacturing fault caused your accident?

So, you’ve been involved in a commercial vehicle accident- due to no fault of your own- and you’re now completely at a loss of where to start legal proceedings? 

Whilst the most common causes of vehicle collisions in the state of Arizona can include drunk drivers and lack of concentration at the wheel, manufacturing defect accidents are more common than you think! These kinds of accidents are described as a problem or fault with a vehicle that makes the vehicle more dangerous to operate than a user may expect. 

Our experience as accident attorneys in Arizona have worked on many vehicle accidents that were caused by manufacturing defects and our blog shares some of our advice and experience working on cases like these;

What is classed as a manufacturing defect?

A manufacturing defect is something that happens to a vehicle that causes it to fail whether it’s stationary or in transit. Whether it’s a mechanical fault, a physical part fails or comes off, or a defect with a part in the vehicle, in any of these scenarios an accident is highly likely to happen that would be completely unavoidable for the driver involved. We’ve previously written about manufacturing defects and your rights if you’re involved in an accident as a result of vehicle failure to help establish what constitutes a manufacturer defect. 

Understanding what a manufacturing defect or fault first will really help you at the time of filing your legal case as it will give your attorney a clear starting place as well as help them build a clear picture of events. If you’re the driver and the accident was completely unavoidable due to sudden mechanical failure, you may be wondering how you can now prove it wasn’t your driving.

Proving manufacturer faults

As you were directly involved in an accident caused by a manufacturer defect, you’ll know exactly what happened and what failed on your vehicle- but how do you prove it? Ultimately, it will be down to the experienced attorney to build a case and provide evidence for the failure but if you can, take photographs of the accident scene and the item or defect. Having a professional mechanic’s opinion on the fault is also a great way to build a case as they may have spotted something that could help your case that may have otherwise been overlooked.

A manufacturer defect can be spotted by a mechanic or even by the manufacturer themselves so don’t worry about having to prove your innocence…

Your rights after a manufacturing defect

Whether you’re the driver behind the wheel of a vehicle that had a fault or was involved with a vehicle that had failed, the law has been designed to recognize manufacturing defects as a separate  

Our team of experienced lawyers will work with every step of the way to defend your case where a vehicle has malfunctioned and caused you to have an accident. Arizona law recognizes three types of product defects: design defects, manufacturing defects, and a failure to warn. Why not give us a call on (480) 634-7480 today and find out just how our dedicated team of lawyers could help your case.

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