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Traumatic Brain Injury and Premature Death

If you’ve been involved in an accident that caused you to suffer a traumatic brain injury, chances are you already know the ongoing effects the injury has on your daily life. But what about the longer-term outlook of your injuries and is your lawyer taking these into account in your accident case? Having any kind of accident is already life-changing and traumatic but when it impacts your brain, it can feel incredibly hopeless and overwhelming.

We explore what a traumatic brain injury is and how they can happen as well as why they’ve been linked to premature death and what to do from a legal perspective if you’ve been diagnosed with a brain injury.

What can cause traumatic brain injury

The number of cases involving brain injuries is shocking- and it can happen to anyone at any age with the recovery period being largely guesswork as our brains are very complex and medically difficult to fix. Typically, traumatic brain injuries are caused by a sudden stop but the brain continues to accelerate forward inside your skull. The injury is then caused when the brain hits the inside of the skull, causing bruising and often irreversible damage. You may be familiar with the term ‘concussion’ which is often used by medical professionals to describe a short-term brain injury but a traumatic brain injury sadly has longer-term implications.

Traumatic brain injuries and concussions are the kinds of injuries that are common in high-contact physical sports such as American Football and hockey, car or motor accidents, and even cycle accidents, all of which means there is an element of speed before the body is suddenly forced to stop. Known as a TBI, a brain injury is a medical term for the ongoing longer-term damage that happens to the brain after an initial impact on the skull. 

Traumatic premature death

Aside from the initial bruising and sometimes bleeding on the brain, the ongoing injuries and medical complications that often then lead to premature death have been highlighted by many health professionals. One medical professional, Dr. Fazel from Oxford University, has years of experience researching the ongoing lives of people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Fazel’s research concludes that ongoing health issues the TBI can cause are what causes premature death. These can include mental health issues such as depression that goes on to shorten their lives via; 

  • Suicide 
  • Addiction
  • Being assaulted
  • Other psychological disorders

We’ve previously touched on the relationship between TBI and premature death as well as the symptoms to look out for if you’ve recently been involved in an accident and may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

From a legal perspective, it’s important that you’re aware of the facts if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury so your attorney can ensure they offer support throughout your legal case. Recognizing or being diagnosed with a TBI also means you can take the proper precautions and ensure that you stay safe, protecting yourself from what’s largely an avoidable premature death risk.

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