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T-Bone Accidents And The Injuries Caused

No matter the speed or position of your car, being involved in a crash is both devastating and costly on many levels. A sideswipe or ‘t-bone’ car crash can be particularly devasting as the vehicle being hit is usually unaware the accident is going to happen before impact due to the line of vision on the side. The point of the collision on a vehicle is also typically less protected by airbags leaving the victim more vulnerable to significant injury too.

T-bone crashes are life-changing and can be deadly, impacting both vehicles involved as well as passengers traveling too. As experienced accident attorneys, we’ve represented side-swipe car crash cases and tragically witnessed the extensive injuries they cause. Our article looks at the injuries that can happen as well as what to look for when hiring an attorney to represent you or a family member in a t-bone accident.

What Does T Bone Mean In A Car Accident

A t-bone or side-swipe car accident involves two vehicles with one hitting the other side-on, in the middle. This typically impacts either front or rear doors and causes a lot of damage as most vehicles aren’t made to take impact side-on. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, side-swipe accidents made up over 12% of traffic accidents in 2018, with 2.7% of those being fatal accidents. These statistics suggest that between 8000 and 10,000 people are killed in the US each year by t-bone accidents alone. One of the main reasons these types of car crashes have such devastating consequences is the lack of safety features helping the driver and/or passengers to absorb some of the impact. A side-swipe crash typically overrides the usual safety features of seatbelts and airbags or even bumpers that would ordinarily absorb some of the impact.

With the lack of protection for the passengers or drivers when t-bone accidents happen, there is far more chance for devasting injuries.

 T Bone Car Accident Injuries

The kinds of injuries suffered in a side-impact crash range greatly from neck and head injuries, back, rib, and shoulders to ears and face injuries usually caused by the broken glass. Depending on where the passenger was sitting and where the other vehicle hit as well as the speed at which the crash happened, the severity of injuries will vary. As with every accident, the injuries are unique to the individuals involved and vary depending on a number of factors such as the speed of impact and the size of the vehicles.

Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident T Bone

As with most car crashes, the person who is found to be at fault will depend on the situation but it’s easy to assume the vehicle that hit the other one side-on is to blame. This would only be true if the vehicle they hit was waiting at an intersection to turn left or right and therefore had right of way. The vehicle that was hit side on could have been at fault for jumping a light or holding up traffic when they shouldn’t. Every accident case is unique and when working with an attorney, they’ll explain what to expect from your own case.

Some t-bone accidents are easier to solve as the fault lies completely with one of the drivers. These cases consider all aspects of compensation that should be awarded such as loss of earnings, injuries and medical bills and even fixing or replacing the vehicle.

T Bone Accident Lawyer

Working with a t-bone accident lawyer who specializes in these kinds of accidents will not only help you understand what your rights are and how the legal system will handle your case but they’ll be able to handle any question you’ll have throughout the process. Working with experienced attorneys such as our team here at Thompson Law could make all the difference in your individual accident claim. Why not speak to our team today to find out how they could help you. 

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