Follow our steps to securing the right compensation payouts after an accident Banner

Follow our steps to securing the right compensation payouts after an accident

Here at Thompson Law, we’re all too aware of how frustrating and complex securing the right payout can be after a car accident that wasn’t even your fault- but how can you tell if you’ve been fairly compensated? 

It can be a rather complicated process to reaching a fair settlement but luckily there are a few things you can do to ensure your payout is fair. Our attorneys work hard to secure the right payout for every one of our individual client cases, so we wanted to share the top things to know when it comes to getting the right amount of compensation.

Securing the right payout for your accident

As a victim of a car accident, we know you’re already feeling incredibly stressed about the situation, and having unexpected costs on top of it won’t be helping. We’ve put together the top 5 things to do when handling a claim and ensuring you get fairly compensated for damages and any losses you’ve endured- at the fault of someone else:

1. Knowing your rights when speaking to their insurance company

First things first, we’d always recommend knowing your rights when being involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. One of the first tasks you’ll do is speak to your insurance company- tell them everything you can about what happened. Next, you might think you have to speak to the plaintiff’s insurance company- guess what, you don’t! 

You’re perfectly within your rights to refuse to speak with them at all. And if they do call, politely decline to offer much more than your name.

2. How to make a claim for compensation

The most important thing you can do to ensure the right amount of compensation is to file a claim with your insurance company- after all, that’s why you have insurance. Once you’ve supplied them with the details they’ll need about the other driver, they’ll start processing your claim. 

3. Supplying the right evidence

Again, it really helps your claim if you can provide evidence from the accident scene- photographs, police reports- anything that can help the insurance company get a picture of what happened, where, why, and importantly- how much compensation should be awarded.

4. Who pays out

If the accident wasn’t your fault, the other driver will pay out for any damages and repairs. If your car has been deemed irreparable or would cost too much to fix vs. the value of the car, then you’ll be awarded the market value of your car, according to the Keeley Blue Book

5. How to improve the value of the case

When filing a claim for a car accident, it’s not just your vehicle that you’ll need to be compensated for but any other financial costs you’ve had to pay out since the accident. This can include anything from medical bills for any injuries that you suffered, any other property damage to things inside your car, any modifications you’ve added to the car such as tires and radios etc.

If your accident happened in the state of Arizona and you’re wondering if you’ve received a fair payout, why not give us a call today on (480) 634-7480. We’re always happy to offer a free case study consultation to help give you the answers you need.

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