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Receiving medical treatment after a rear-end accident

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident and managed to escape without any immediate injury or pain, you should always get medical treatment- just in case! There have been many accident cases where injuries develop after the initial accident and can go undetected which often leads to further medical complications. Whether your accident was at low speed or even high speed but you managed to walk away, we’d always recommend being examined by a doctor as your injuries may be hidden or not causing pain yet.

Our blog explores why it’s best to receive medical treatment after an accident and how to ensure your final accident claim will cover your medical expenses to ensure you don’t go out of pocket due to someone else’s negligence.

Should I Go To A Doctor After Being Rear-Ended?

The short answer is yes. As accident attorneys, we would always recommend seeing a doctor after being involved in a rear-end accident- no matter what speed your accident happened. Maybe you’ve managed to escape uninjured or with superficial scratches, your injuries can still develop over the next few weeks and even months. Seeking proper medical treatment will mean injuries can be spotted or even prevented from developing as they’ll be able to offer advice or preventable treatment such as physiotherapy.

An experienced accident doctor will be able to spot any underlying issues that may not be causing you pain but could have happened as a direct result of being hit from behind and forced forward suddenly. Rear-end accidents are likely to cause injuries such as whiplash and spinal damage that can cause ongoing or long-term pain and discomfort long after an accident.

Rear-end Accident Injuries

Due to the force of vehicles colliding from the rear, many of the injuries are neck, spine and lower back as your body is forced forward at speed. Whiplash is another common injury with rear-end accidents and sadly brain injuries are also quite common as people often hit their head as a result. Whilst injuries vary depending on the speed and size of the vehicles involved, these types of accidents shouldn’t be ignored.

Treating whiplash, spinal injuries, and brain injuries take a long time and often mean large medical bills which need to be considered when you’re building a legal settlement case. Once you’ve found a reliable and experienced accident attorney, they’ll be able to include any ongoing treatment and medical support within your final settlement claim.

Medical Treatment In Your Rear-end Settlement

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident and been injured as a result, you’re probably already out of pocket for your medical bills and ongoing treatment so it’s important to make a claim to recoup your losses. If you’ve had to miss workdays or endured further costs because of your injuries, make sure to share that with your attorney as they will want to understand just how much money you’ve spent on treatment already.

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