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Rear-end Accidents At Stop Signs- All You Need To Know

Rear-end accidents and stop signs are two of the most common elements of a car accident in our busy towns across America, as we try to rush through our busy daily lives. Stop signs are a prominent feature in many accident cases, with drivers either running them without stopping or colliding into another car that has stopped, causing a rear-end accident.

Our blog explores some of the different types of stop signs and some common reasons why rear-end accidents happen as well as what rear-end settlements can reach when you’ve got a great accident attorney fighting your case.

Rear-end accidents and stop signs

Firstly, let’s look at why so many rear-end accidents happen at stop signs. The most common cause of these accidents is simply that motorists are in a hurry or maybe driving at night, and consider a stop sign a nuisance.  Due to their very nature, stop signs literally stop travel, and many drivers try their luck ignoring them, assuming there is little or no traffic. Other common causes of rear-end accidents at stop signs are phones and even DUI where drivers are simply too distracted to stop at the sign.

Depending on the type of stop sign you’ve had an accident at; 2-way or 4-way stops, can have a real impact on the extent of the damage and injuries caused. Rear-end accidents at 2-way stop signs will typically involve just two cars; the stationery one at the junction and the vehicle that has hit them from behind. These accidents are still serious despite one car having stopped, as the speed of the other vehicle has a direct impact on the extent of injuries caused. Accidents at 4-way stop signs are often more catastrophic as they involve more cars and therefore much greater chance of injuring and causing damage.

Are you always at fault if you hit someone from behind?

If you’ve hit a car from behind at a stop sign, it’s most likely you’ll be found at fault as you’ve collided with a car that was obeying the highway laws. In some very rare rear-end accident cases, the car found to be at fault is the one who didn’t move forward or was even found to be obstructing the highway or freeway. 

If you’ve hit another car from behind at a stop sign because you weren’t driving slow enough or were distracted, it’s likely you’ll be found to be at fault. 

How much can get for a settlement for a rear-end accident?

Your rear-end accident settlement will ultimately depend on the extent of the damage and your injuries but the average for 2020 was around $15,000. Of course, many rear-end accidents settle at a much higher amount particularly if they involve trucks as the damage is significantly worse. If you’ve suffered extensive injuries or need ongoing medical treatment too as a direct result, all the medical bills will be added up and included in the final settlement. 

Every legal case is unique to the individuals involved and the outcome depends on a few factors including the experience of the attorney you decide to work with. 

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