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Rear-end Accidents At High-speed- All You Need To Know

Due to the very nature of rear-end accidents, the significance of speed as a factor often results in catastrophic injuries and ongoing health issues as a direct result of being involved in a rear-end accident at high-speed. Often, people in rear-end accidents have neck and spine injuries caused by direct force and tragically brain injuries are very common in accidents at high speed, as the acceleration force causes the brain to move inside the skull.

In the US, rear-end collisions make up a shocking 29% of all accidents that happen on average each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, which is a significantly high number of people who are unexpectedly hit from behind. Our blog explores the significance of speed in rear-end accidents and the kinds of injuries that speed alone can impact as a result.

Rear-End Car Accident Statistics

As the second most common accident to happen on our roads in America, rear-end or fender bender accidents may be a daily occurrence. 

The NHTSA has also recorded a rise in accidents happening at speed in the first 9 months of 2020, compared to any other year which includes about six months of data during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their research shows traffic fatalities rose 4.6% from the first nine months of 2019, despite there being a pandemic. Traffic fatalities in the second quarter of 2020 were likely caused by faster driving and this trend seems to be continuing in the third quarter of the year. 

High Speed Rear-End Accident Injuries

As speed is a huge factor when it comes to causing injuries, having a rear-end accident at higher speeds is more likely to cause significant and long-term injury and even death. The injuries caused at high speeds include whiplash, neck and spinal damage, traumatic brain injuries, as well as leg and back injuries. Accidents at higher speeds are always far more likely to cause life-changing injuries to all parties involved as vehicles are far heavier the faster they travel. 

Average Settlement For High-Speed Rear-End Car Accident

As with every accident, the final settlement amount will be influenced by many individual factors involved in your accident case but speed will have a big impact on the final amount. The types of injuries caused and the life-changing impact the rear-end accident has had on your life will be taken into careful consideration, as will the loss of work, medical bills, and any other health implications that have been caused as a direct result of being involved in a rear-end accident at high-speed.

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