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Been involved in a rear-end accident at an intersection?

Being involved in a rear-end collision is the most common accident in America with on average 1.7 million crashes happening every year. Out of this, according to a report from the Washington Post, around 1,700 deaths happen with 500,000 injuries each year. This is a huge number of people being involved in rear-end accidents and with the majority happening at hot spots such as intersections. But why are rear-end accidents such huge issues on our highways and freeways and why are they frequently happening at places such as intersections and stop signs?

Our blog explores some rear-end accident statistics, who is at fault when it comes to a rear-end accident at an intersection and why you should file a legal case.

Rear-end Accidents At Intersections- The Stats

In the US, 40% of all vehicle crashes involve intersections which makes it the second-largest category of accidents, led only by rear-end collisions. In fact, 50% of serious collisions that are recorded in the US happen in intersections with a tragic 20% of them being fatal. Rear-end accidents happen for a whole range of reasons; distracted driving, DUI, and even speeding but just because they’re the most common accidents doesn’t mean 

With an estimated 165,000 accidents happening every year at intersections, caused solely by red-light runners, you’d think the number of deaths would be higher than rear-end accidents but sadly, red-light runners cause 700-800 fatalities a year, compared to 1,700 by rear-end accidents at intersections. So, what happens when you’re involved in a rear-end accident- who is to blame when someone plows into the back of your vehicle? And how much should you aim to settle on when you file for a case?

Who’s At Fault In A Rear-end Accident At An Intersection?

It’s easy to assume the rear driver in every rear-end collision is immediately to blame, but like every accident each case is individual. It’s not as straightforward as to blame the rear-end driver as they’re not always at fault with liability not automatic and sometimes the lead driver or even another vehicle is found at fault for the injured drivers’ damages. Accidents at intersections can seem very ‘black and white’, as the front driver is legally obliged to stop before choosing to turn or cross the intersection but sometimes they stop for the wrong reasons or recklessly and cause a rear-end accident to happen as a direct result.

In the cases where the lead driver may be found to be at fault in a rear-end accident include factors such as;

  • Driving under the influence
  • Reversing into the car behind
  • Driving with a broken or faulty backlight
  • Even intentionally stopping to get hit

Filing A Legal Case For A Rear-end Accident

Whether you’re the rear driver or been hit from behind, filing a lawsuit when you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident at an intersection is important to help seek justice. When it comes to choosing an experienced attorney, you should explain your case and make sure to give your attorney as much information as possible in order to represent your case correctly.

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