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Manufacturing defects and accidents

Being involved in a commercial vehicle accident that experienced a manufacturing defect through no fault of your own can feel like an overwhelming and confusing event. Not only do you have your own physical shock and the damage caused to you and your own vehicle but now you’ve got to start legal proceedings and have no idea where to start.

Whilst the most common causes of vehicle collisions in the state of Arizona include drunk drivers and lack of concentration at the wheel, and yet manufacturing defect accidents are more common than you think! Manufacturing accidents are often shocking and unexpected by both the driver of the commercial vehicle and the person they are involved in the accident with.

 These kinds of accidents are described as a problem or fault with a vehicle that makes the vehicle more dangerous to operate than a user may expect. Our blog covers some experience from our accident attorneys with manufacturing defect accidents and how the law in Arizona recognizes your accident case.

The three types of product defect recognized in Arizona Law

There are three types of defected products in vehicles that the law in the state of Arizona recognizes and when an auto accident lawyer can find any of the following faults at play to cause an accident, the manufacturer can be held financially responsible for your injuries as well as any other losses. These are;

Design defects: This is where the product’s design causes it to be unreasonably dangerous, for example, a seatbelt fails to work properly or defective tires that fail to help the vehicle stop

Manufacturing defects: This is where a problem or mistake in the manufacturing process causes a product to become unsafe. An example is a defective engine or part of a vehicle that is added at the point of it being made such as an exhaust. 

A failure to warn: This occurs when the manufacturer fails to provide adequate notice of safety risks associated with the proper use of the product. This can be a warning light or even a public notice if they’ve discovered an error with a product and failed to issue a recall for it.

It may be a rather obvious fault that caused your manufacturing defects accident such as tires bursting or even something falling off, instantly indicating something is wrong with your vehicle. Or it could be something hidden that caused it. 

Your rights after a manufacturing defect

An experienced attorney will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your vehicle before identifying what kind of manufacturing fault was at play. If they are successful in finding fault with your vehicle that wasn’t spotted before and was the reason you have had your accident, they will start to build your case against the manufacturer.

Our team of experienced lawyers will then work with every step of the way to defend your case where a vehicle has malfunctioned and caused you to have an accident. Taking on a large manufacturer may feel overwhelming but it’s important to rely on your attorney as you are within your rights in the state of Arizona to defend a defect case. 

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