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What to do if you’ve had a low-speed rear-end accident

Having an accident at any speed is traumatic and stressful, let alone often painful so having an accident at lower speeds shouldn’t be taken less seriously. All accidents have the potential to cause damage and destruction to people and property- and even at lower speeds, a rear-end accident poses a threat. In the US, rear-end accidents are the most common crashes amongst vehicles as drivers are distracted, driving too fast, or simply not reacting fast enough to other vehicles. Our blog explores the injuries that can happen in rear-end accidents at low speeds and how to settle an accident case.

Low-Speed Rear-end Accident Injuries

With over 1.7 million rear-end collisions on U.S. roadways each year, it’s clear that rear-end accidents are widespread and with traffic increasing on our highways each year, it’s only going to get worse. Rear-end accidents shouldn’t be dismissed either as around 1,7000 people die in those collisions and another 500,000 are hurt. By law, the definition of a low-speed accident is anything 10mph or below so whilst damage or injury does reduce, it is always a risk. It may not seem like a major accident in comparison but even the slow accidents can have a significant impact on the people involved.

Rear-end accident injuries at low speeds often include neck damage like whiplash and back injuries as the vehicle is hit from behind. Injuries such as whiplash are caused by the sudden acceleration from a rear-end collision, forcing your body forward quickly. In some of the worst low-speed rear-end accidents, drivers or passengers have been known to hit their head causing significant injuries such as concussions.

Why rear-end accidents are most common

So, why are they the most common accidents? Rear-end accidents happen for a whole host of reasons, drivers being distracted while driving through traffic, not stopping quick enough, or underestimating your ability to react quickly to a situation. As the highways and freeways introduce more traffic management such as stop signs and speed-controlled sections, rear-end accidents should be less prominent as drivers are forced to pay closer attention.

Accidents are more likely to happen in our city centers at intersections due to high traffic volume and people generally rushing through town traffic.

Filing a low-speed rear-end accident claim

Often, drivers involved in rear-end accidents file accident claims against the driver who hit them from behind are considered to be at fault in rear-end accidents but some cases we’ve previously worked on have proven the driver behind wasn’t actually to blame. If you’ve been involved in a low-speed rear-end accident, it’s important to get some legal advice about your next steps. Even if the damage was fixed quickly or your injuries were superficial, filing a case is still within your rights as a US citizen because you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

If you’re looking for some legal guidance or want to understand your rights when working with an accident attorney, speak to our friendly team today. We’re always happy to help discuss any kind of legal matter.

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