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Living with ongoing pain and suffering after an accident

We probably don’t need to tell you that the ongoing pain and suffering after an accident isn’t just physical, but comes in all shapes and sizes. Just as individual as your accident scenario was, your ongoing injuries will be too so it’s important to recognize and get help for them

Whether it was your own injuries or you’re watching the pain and suffering of your loved ones who were involved, living with the aftermath of an auto accident is often felt by the whole family- not just the person injured. If you’re a parent watching a child suffering or perhaps watching your partner living in injuries, you can feel helpless. 

Our team at Thompson has handled many cases in which we’ve provided evidence of ongoing mental and physical pain. Our guide covers some of the more unknown symptoms of ongoing pain as well as how the law in Arizona identifies mental suffering too.

Why you don’t need to prove physical harm to claim pain in Arizona

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you may be living with many other symptoms of the pain endured from having an accident, from anxiety, irritability, and even insomnia. You may also be adding to your mental trauma by worrying that the suffering you or they are experiencing won’t be recognized in the eyes of the law- but you’d be wrong.

The law in Arizona has undergone some significant changes in recent years to protect victims of an accident in their mental pain and suffering as well as physical harm. This means, your accident doctor will be able to provide the courts with sufficient evidence of suffering to ensure it’s involved in your overall settlement 

Common symptoms after an accident you may not expect

Anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and irritability- these may be common symptoms of having experienced a car accident but what about the headaches, insomnia, and ongoing PTSD that can also happen. These are considered a mental injury and is typically caused by terror or shock of nearly dying or watching a close loved one’s injury or death. This is a different type of mental anguish, referred to as the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, and will be recognized by a court of law in our state as a separate injury to the physical injuries you’ve also endured.

Here in Arizona, our law separates the term emotional distress from negligence in an auto accident, meaning a good lawyer will define it as an entirely separate claim that helps recognize the horror you or a family member has experienced. Our team at Thompson Law has been practicing law in Chandler and Phoenix for years and are confident our knowledge of local law will help you and your loved ones fight your case.

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