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Been Involved In A Hit-and-run At A Stop Sign?

Sadly, hit-and-run accidents at stop signs are rather common as the perpetrator recognizes immediately they should have stopped so they decide to flee the scene. Hit-and-run accidents are some of the most stressful accidents as there is often no conclusion for the victim as the driver may never be caught. Depending on whether there have been injuries or extensive damage too, the police may not even investigate your hit-and-run accident which can often cause further distress to the victim.

Our blog explores what happens when a hit-and-run case doesn’t get solved, why the police only investigate some as well as why hit-and-run accidents typically happen at stop signs.

Why Do Hit-and-runs Happen At Stop Signs?

Stop signs are often seen as being a hindrance to busy drivers who may think the road ahead is clear or that stopping at a 2-way or 4-way junction is a waste of their time. Hit-and-runs are more common at signs like these because there was a legal obligation for the driver to stop and they’ve simply failed to comply. 

As many of us use phones or map devices in our cars, distraction can often be a reason why you’ve not only failed to stop at a stop sign but you’ve collided with another car. It can be a fleeting panic that makes drivers quickly leave the scene or more callously it can be the lack of police power and time to solve every hit and run case.

What Happens When A Hit-and-run Driver Is Caught? 

Hit-and-run accidents are classed as a misdemeanor which means they carry a possible sentence of up to six months in the county jail as well as a fine of up to $1,000.00 dollars, and in some cases both. Depending on the state you’re in and whether you’ve got previous for committing similar incidents, the penalties can also include 3 years of probation, repaying damage to property as well as points on your driving record.

Even if you haven’t been involved in an accident at a stop sign, simply not stopping at a stop sign can mean you get a ticket in the post.

Do The Police Look For Hit and Run Drivers?

Sadly, due to a number of factors such as staffing levels and time, many police forces across the US states won’t investigate a hit and run unless there’s a physical bodily injury. Sometimes even with an investigation, unless you as a victim can provide good leads or a solid witness who saw your accident, the police aren’t likely to be able to find the person. In these cases, CCTV and surveillance from dash cams can really help support your hit-and-run case.

If you’re able to find the individual and they’re charged with a hit and run, the prosecutors will still have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were responsible. This is where photographic evidence and CCTV footage can really help your case. If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run accident at a stop sign, remember to keep all accident-related receipts such as medical bills and any costs you’ve had to pay out for repairs. Working with an experienced hit-and-run accident attorney will really help your case too.

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