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Hit and run accidents in Arizona

You’ve probably experienced one of the most traumatic events in your life as a victim of a hit and run accident and you’re now looking at a long road to recover. Not only will you most likely have physical injuries but the mental and emotional injuries too that will need to be considered throughout your legal battle and settlement case. 

Here in Arizona, the statistics show we experienced the 5th highest number of hit and runs in America, in 2016, with 19.5% of those being either pedestrians or cyclists alone. So, why are so many of our drivers having these kinds of accidents and why aren’t they staying behind to help out- or even check on their victims. 

We explore hit and runs, from an attorney’s perspective and offer some valuable advice when it comes to hiring a pedestrian accident attorney for your accident.

Hit and Run Stats in Arizona

As we’ve just touched on, the state of Arizona has some of the highest rates of hit and runs in America which is a rather surprising stat. With over 15,000 hit and run accidents being recorded in 2017 alone, coupled with the number of people driving in our state has more than doubled by 800,000 in the last ten years alone, it would seem the volume of traffic is only making things worse on our streets.

Coupled with more people than ever now driving on our freeways and highways, more of us are choosing to move to Arizona from other states, bringing either bad driving habits or simply a lack of awareness in the hit and run laws.

What is the penalty in Arizona for a hit and run?

Penalties for committing this crime varies really, depending on how much damage was done on impact. For example, if a driver hit’s a fence, sign, post, or something else on the sidewalk and drives off without telling the owner of the property, they could face 30 days in jail, a fine of $500, and even 1 year of probation. If a driver hits a parked car and doesn’t attempt to find the owner, the penalty is the same.

However, should a driver hit another car or a pedestrian and cause injury but flees the scene, the penalty will then depend on the severity of the injuries which can be between 2.5- 9 years of prison, fines, and a ban on their license. These penalties will also still apply even if the driver returns to the scene or hands themselves in at a later date to a local police station.

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer to help

Experiencing this kind of accident is thankfully not as common as you might think but if you’ve been involved in a hit and run, we know you’ll be facing a long, uphill battle with injury and psychological trauma. That’s why getting a pedestrian accident lawyer is highly recommended. Our team at Thompson Law are highly experienced in representing pedestrians after traumatic hit and runs, and we work closely with our clients with empathy and clarity.


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