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Had A Hit-and-run Accident On The Freeway?

The term freeways were first created in California to refer to a toll-free highway where traffic could continue to flow at high speeds which in the 1950s seemed like a great idea to help alleviate traffic. Fast forward to modern-day road use and the speed on freeways has become one of the major factors in auto accidents across America.

Due to their very nature, freeways are designed to direct traffic one way, reducing the risk of causing accidents as there aren’t any intersections. This however causes other issues when accidents do happen as there often aren’t many safe spaces to move into straight away which can lead to hit-and-run accidents as people use it as an excuse to flee the scene.

Our blog explores hit-and-run accidents on the freeway, why they happen, and what you can do if you’ve been involved in a car crash and need to file a case.

Why Hit-And-Run Accidents A Common On the Freeways

Accidents happen for all kinds of reasons on the roads across America every day; distraction, driving under the influence and even distractions can cause a crash. Hit-and-run accidents happen as a result but on the freeways, it’s much easier to crash into someone and quickly drive off again. By their very nature, freeways aren’t meant for pedestrians which means vehicles that need to pull over have a harder time finding somewhere safe to pull over. A hit-and-run accident is legally classed by someone causing an accident then quickly leaving before call the emergency services or in many cases even checking if the other vehicle driver and/or passengers are ok or injured.

What To Do If You’ve Been Involved In A Hit and Run on the Freeway

Firstly, if you have a hit-and-run accident anywhere, it’s important to make sure you can pull over safely, and if you can’t call the emergency services immediately. Don’t try to chase down a driver who looks like they’re fleeing the scene as this could be very dangerous. The police are specifically trained to handle hit-and-run accidents and can deploy their teams to find the driver so if you witness an accident or you’re involved, let the police know.

Being on the freeway is a very dangerous space so as soon as it’s safe to do so, get yourself to a quieter space coming off the nearest slip road available. We’d always recommend getting medical treatment after an accident- even if you don’t have any visible injuries or feel any pain.

Filing a Law Suit Against A Hit and Run Driver

It’s important to hire an experienced attorney when wanting to file a case against a hit-and-run perpetrator as these kinds of cases can be legally complex- particularly if the offending driver hasn’t been found. Many cases are settled without blame after police and other resources haven’t been able to trace or identify the hit-and-run driver as there needs to be hard-and-fast evidence to prosecute them. Without CCTV or surveillance which isn’t often available on the freeway or even reliable witnesses, it’s particularly hard to find the drivers who have fled the scene.

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