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Why you need to hire an auto accident dr if you’ve been injured

We all know how important it is to like your doctor, right? After all, their sole job is to help you feel better or offer you advice, so having a great rapport is often very important! 

Here at Thompson Law, we also know that having any kind of auto accident can often result in sustaining very individual and unique injuries that often result in ongoing pains that a general doctor may not be able to spot or diagnose.

You may not be aware but there are medical professionals who specialize in the field of auto accidents and are trained specifically to look for signs of injury that other doctors may not be able to. There’s also the legal requirement to supply photographic evidence of your injuries that may not be documented correctly by a general doctor. As your injuries will be used to help support your legal case, documenting them properly will make all the difference to the outcome of your claim. 

Why you need an auto accident doctor

We’ve listed a few great reasons why you’ll need to hire a medical professional who specializes in auto accidents as hidden injuries or ongoing medical issues are often made worse if they’re not properly spotted.

Spotting hidden or unknown injuries that you haven’t realized exist

An auto Dr will listen to your recall of the accident and be able to further inspect your body for hidden injuries or ongoing medical issues are often made worse if they’re not properly treated.

Understanding their role in your legal case

An auto accident doctor knows what to expect with the legal case and can prepare the evidence accordingly including the photographs of injuries and medical statements. They’ll be very familiar with the type of evidence attorneys will be asking of them and can prepare properly, making sure your case stands the best possible chance of winning.

If your family Dr is subpoenaed to testify in your case

If you’ve decided to use your normal GP, there’s a risk they could be removed, or deposed by the two litigating parties once they’re called to court. Choosing a specific auto doctor will avoid this risk and will mean you’ve got a medical professional who is very familiar with testifying in court.

Who will refer my injury case to a specialized doctor?

Your family GP will be able to refer you to an auto accident Doctor once you’ve made them aware of it. They’ll be familiar with a fellow professional who’ll be able to help treat your injuries as well as form a case for your claim.

It can be difficult putting your trust in a medical professional who is unknown to you- especially when you’re used to seeing your own GP but it can really impact your case if you don’t have the right medical evidence to help support your case. 

So, don’t take the risk- hire a specialist doctor today or speak to one of our helpful team of auto accident lawyers who can help point you in the right direction. Call us today on (480) 634-7480 and find out how we can help you with your injury case.


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