24 hour sheets

Twenty-four hour reports are filled out by nurses daily to monitor nursing home (NH) residents and document any changes in residents’ status. ‹ Back to glossary

Medical director

In a healthcare facility, the medical director is responsible for medical supervision and overall regulation of all medical facets that may affect the institutional healthcare system.

Slide board transfer

A sliding board is a piece of equipment that can be used if a person is not able to use their legs to complete a transfer between surfaces or if a standing transfer is not safe to perform. The board is used to make a solid “bridge” between the two surfaces that a person can […]

Scoop mattress cover

A scoop mattress cover is a convenient way to protect against bed falls. A scoop mattress cover can be used with or without bolsters and assists low risk people by giving them a barrier to prevent them from rolling out of bed. ‹ Back to glossary

Mechanical soft diet

This diet is designed for people who have trouble chewing and swallowing. Chopped, ground and pureed foods are included in this diet, as well as foods that readily break apart without a knife. ‹ Back to glossary

Albumin levels

Low albumin levels indicates malnutrition. It can also mean that a resident has liver disease or an inflammatory disease. Higher albumin levels may be caused by acute infections, burns, and stress from surgery or a heart attack. ‹ Back to glossary

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