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Device regulations introduced to increase safety for semi-trucks

As some of the biggest vehicles to use our freeways and highways, trucks have continued to be reviewed and regulated to make sure they’re safe for both drivers and other road users to avoid sometimes huge and catastrophic accidents from happening. However, whilst the laws continue to review the safety of these heavy vehicles and their drivers, accidents do sadly still happen. 

A report by federal regulators in 2013 concluded that the universal use of the available collision avoidance technology would have reduced rear-end crashes by 16%, fatal crashes by 24%, and injuries by 25%- but how? Our blog discusses why regulations continue to be reviewed for trucks and why adding technology devices could help them both slow down, reduce accidents, and ultimately save lives.

Regulations for Semi-Trucks and their drivers

Truck drivers spend their days on our highways and freeways, clocking up some serious mileage while delivering goods around the country. The sheer length of time they spend also means they’re much more likely to have accidents involving other vehicles and due to their size and weight, these accidents are often made much worse. In 2011, truck accidents across America increased by 4% compared to any other year which is what first sparked the federal report we mentioned previously. Regulators concluded that the increase in accidents highlighted that something needed to be done quickly to help both regulate truckers and their driving hours as well as regulate the vehicles, applying maintenance requirements and consider using devices as extra measures.

As with most industries, the courier and haulage industries have evolved as technology continues to help drivers keep on top of things like driving hours and even making their heavy vehicles safer to drive. By making it law to include devices to help increase safety ultimately makes the roads safer for everyone.

Electronic devices for semi-trucks

Some of the devices that have been introduced are electronic logging systems and control systems, both designed to help ensure safety at all times the truck is out on the road.

  • Electronic logging devices empower drivers to have their hours accurately and instantly recorded and updated, meaning employers can keep on top of breaks and ensure their drivers are safe when they’re out on the road
  • Electronic stability control systems for heavier vehicles over 11,793kgs. These devices are designed to significantly reduce the chances of the truck either under or oversteering and potentially rolling over.

In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, stated they expected 26% of new truck tractors, and 80% of new buses will be equipped with ESC systems 40 to 56% of untripped rollover crashes and 14% of loss-of-control crashes. 

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