Have you had a run-in with a repeat DUI offender? You’re not alone Banner

Have you had a run-in with a repeat DUI offender? You’re not alone

According to stats from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, nearly 75%  of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on suspended licenses, so it’ll come as no surprise to you that the run-in you’ve had with a drunk driver isn’t their first time!

Frustrating, right? But sadly all too common. The majority of drivers caught drunk at the wheel have been through the courts before for their reckless actions, causing auto accidents and may have even faced 10 days in jail, if they were in Arizona, and were handed a hefty fine. 

So, why are they continuing to re-offend and get behind the wheel of their car after one too many? We share our own experiences as leading DUI accident lawyers here in Arizona, about why people re-offend and what to do to help stop the cycle.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

There are several reasons why DUI offenders repeat, typically they’re in a cycle of destructive behavior or simply haven’t received a tough enough punishment that has meant they risk it all again and get behind the wheel the next time they have one too many.

Perhaps its a Friday works’ drinks that reoccurs, a round of golf followed by a few more rounds at the bar, or even a stop-off at the liquor store that simply couldn’t wait. We all know getting behind the wheel after a drink is dangerous but some situations happen because people don’t think they will cause an accident. 

We’re all guilty of thinking ‘it won’t happen to us- we’ll be careful’, but one bad move can result in a car crash and the potential of injuring someone else, let alone damaging their vehicle in the process. With a rise in lift apps too, there’s now no excuse for getting into your car after a party because you don’t need to drive home.

How we know the DUI driver who hit you was (probably) a repeat offender

Arguably, we have some of the toughest driving under the influence laws in the country, approaching every case with 3 levels. We’re also one of the 21 states in America that require ignition interlock devices for all offenses and not solely for repeat offenses. Interlock devices are becoming more widely used as they have been linked to a significant decrease in drunk driving. 

Tougher sentencing has also meant those once repeat DUI offenders are now thinking twice before getting in their car again, with the prospect of having to use an interlock device putting them off. The law is getting tougher on DUI offender’s too, with some repeat drivers finding themselves facing prison sentences if they simply don’t learn

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