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All You Need To Know About Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car accident of any kind is stressful enough but due to the size and often speed they travel, when you’re involved in a light commercial vehicle accident, it can have devastating consequences. Due to their very job and purpose, light commercial vehicles are on our highways 24 hours a day so the chances of having an accident are often greater. Having an accident with a commercial vehicle can feel complicated and stressful too, as the lines of who is held responsible can often be blurred. Our experienced accident attorneys have worked on many commercial vehicle cases and know just how complex they can be.

Our blog explores some of the main things you should know if you’ve been involved in a commercial vehicle accident and what to expect when raising a claim.

What Is Classed As A Light Commercial Vehicle?

A light commercial vehicle is often a truck carrying a load of supplies or products making it a heavier vehicle than a normal passenger car. Light trucks in the US weigh up to 8,500 pounds and have the capacity to carry an extra load up to 4,000 pounds- making them very heavy and potentially dangerous. The weight of these trucks is important as they’re often carrying heavy excess loads whilst traveling at high speeds, two key elements that make them a potential risk for other road users. In 2019, there were 947,000 light truck drivers on the road making them a crucial and ever-present part of our highways.

Light Commercial vehicle accidents

Light trucks have additional insurance and regulation to protect both drivers on the road and truck drivers themselves from having potentially lethal accidents when driving. Employers with a fleet of commercial trucks have a responsibility to their drivers and other road users to have regulated breaks and keep their driver’s feeling refreshed and alert. This helps reduce the chance of any crashes happening that involve their fleet or drivers. However, it doesn’t stop accidents with commercial vehicles from happening altogether as the stats sadly show us in 2018, 27% were in crashes involving single-unit trucks.

Commercial vehicle accident settlements

So, how do you start the process of a claim against a commercial vehicle and how much settlement can you expect as a victim in an accident case? Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy question to answer as there are many factors your crash attorney will need to consider. As experienced accident attorneys, we’ve worked on commercial crash cases that have settled around $180,000 and others that have settled over $1mil. 

Every accident case is unique and a settlement amount will depend on many factors such as speed, the conditions at which your accident happened, and even the working hours the commercial driver had clocked.

Working with a commercial vehicle accident lawyer

When you hire an experienced accident lawyer to work on your case they’ll explain every step of the way through your settlement what to expect and what kinds of evidence you’ll need to give. Working with an accident lawyer will help your case when taking on a large employer in a commercial truck accident. If you or a family member has been involved in a commercial accident, why not speak to our dedicated team today. We’re always happy to take your call.

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