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Claiming pain and suffering damages in your wrongful death case

Our wrongful death attorneys are all too familiar with the ongoing pain and suffering endured in wrongful death cases particularly after a sudden accident that could have been avoided. The loss of a loved one is a tragic occasion filled with grief and anguish for surviving family members and can feel completely overwhelming. It’s important to receive the right kind of legal guidance and help through this period, using a legal representative who understands your grief.

If you’ve lost someone due to the result of an accident or a preventable incident, the law in Arizona will recognize your pain and suffering separately and include your loss in a wrongful death case. We explore what pain and pain suffering is considered and how to ensure any wrongful death case considers the right damages in the final outcome. 

Pain and suffering in wrongful death

‘Pain and suffering’ is the legal term for the grief you are feeling as a direct result of wrongful death and is considered as a separate claim for pain and suffering in a wrongful death claim. The loss of a loved one is immeasurable and very individual to you, bringing with it many different aspects of grief and ongoing stresses. An example of measuring pain and suffering to the individual would be to consider the instant loss of earning from their family member or even the loss of a caregiver. 

In either of these examples, the pain and suffering would be established by a wrongful death attorney and when it comes to the final settlement agreement, the costs would reflect the loss to the individual. From the financial burdens taken on to the roles, they may have played as a caregiver to children, every pain and suffering claim within a wrongful death case is carefully considered by a legal professional to truly reflect the loss felt to the surviving family. We’ve previously covered pain and suffering as part of wrongful death cases here, sharing a legal insight to how the law will consider your individual case.

 Securing the right damages in your wrongful death case

Ensuring your wrongful death attorney understands the complexities and suffering you continue to experience is essential to securing the right damages that reflect the loss you’re enduring. As life continues to move forward after such a tragic event, other burdens can start to build pressure and leave you feeling further grief and stress. The state of Arizona recognizes the need to compensate for such a loss of life, considering all external factors that are impacted by a wrongful death. It is therefore vital to share all concerns and burdens that now fall to the family as a direct result of losing someone suddenly, to ensure the financial implications are covered within the ongoing wrongful death case.

Here at Thompson Law, our team of dedicated wrongful death lawyers is empathetic and compassionate throughout your dealings with us and will always take the time to discuss any concerns or matters surrounding your case. We always work hard to achieve the right outcome in every wrongful death case we fight.


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