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Claim the right compensation for your accident

So, you’ve been involved in a car accident in one of the major districts in Arizona, and you’re in the dark about what to do next? Whether you were caught up in Gilbert, Chandler, or Queen Creek, you’re probably wondering where to start with making a claim and how exactly the money will make it to your bank account.

It’s no surprise that receiving compensation is one of the major focal points as your life has been completely turned upside down by an accident that probably wasn’t even your fault. You’ve probably had to pay for unexpected medical bills and additional transport costs- and that’s before thinking about repairing your own vehicle if you can even repair it. 

As experienced accident attorneys, one of the more common questions we get is ‘how can we collect all of our expenses after an auto accident’? Our blog explores making a claim after an accident and importantly- how to collect the financial payout and who will be responsible for sending the final settlement.

How to claim compensation for your accident

You may have asked neighbors, friends, or family members who have been through a similar accident, just to find out what the next step is for a personal injury. Perhaps you’ve called the insurance adjuster or your personal insurance agent to get the desired answers, but no one has been clear on just how to make that claim.

It’s really important to file your claim as soon as possible after it happens so you can help speed things along with your personal accident case as insurers can be known to drag their feet! Once you’ve made them aware of the accident, you’ll be asked to give an account of the accident as well as have a professional assess the cost of damages on your vehicle. If you’ve had to see a doctor or have any ongoing medical bills, you’ll need to keep the insurance company updated so they can include those outgoing costs in your settlement too.

Who will pay you after an accident

We’ve written a lot about making claims after an accident in previous blogs, but the main factor to remember is the insurance company representing the at-fault driver will be ultimately responsible for the payout you receive after an accident. The delay between filing a case and receiving the money will differ from insurance companies but it can take up to 6 weeks from agreeing on an amount to getting the cash in your account.

Once you’ve filed your case, had a professional assess costs, updated the insurer on any medical outgoings, and agreed on the final amount offered, the final settlement amount will be transferred to your bank account by the insurance company you originally filed with. 

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