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A bars responsibility in Arizona dram shop

Every year in Arizona there are hundreds of accidents caused by drivers who are drunk or under the influence, many of which end in fatalities. In 2017, 48% of these DUI accidents were recorded as having injured someone which is a huge number of people. If you’ve been involved in an accident where a drunk […]

Dram Shop Liability: A Summary of a Bar’s Responsibility in Arizona

A Primer on Dram Shop Liability Maybe you have been there: sitting across from someone at a bar, maybe after golf or spa treatments at one of our many resorts, while that person orders drink after drink with no one stopping them. Or maybe you are in a convenience store, and the guy in front […]

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Victims of DUI and Dram Shop Laws in Arizona

What Are the Rights of Victims of DUI and Dram Shop Laws in Arizona? This article focuses on the rights of Victims of DUI and the Dram Shop laws in Arizona. These rights and laws focus on keeping people safe and eliminating DUI victims. Although there are widespread campaigns to warn against the dangers of […]

Arizona DUI Victims’ Rights

Victim Of a Drunk Driver? Now What? How You Can Protect Yourself as a DUI Victim. If you or someone you love have been involved in a DUI case, there are specific Arizona DUI Victim’s Rights you’re entitled to. If the victim survives the crash they can be left facing obstacles and unforeseen challenges. The […]

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