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Arizona DUI Victims’ Rights

Victim Of a Drunk Driver? Now What? How You Can Protect Yourself as a DUI Victim. If you or someone you love have been involved in a DUI case, there are specific Arizona DUI Victim’s Rights you’re entitled to. If the victim survives the crash they can be left facing obstacles and unforeseen challenges. The […]

New Arizona Law Increases Penalties for Impaired Hit-and-Run Drivers

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer | A revision to a law named for an Arizona teenager who lost his life in a hit-and-run accident will increase penalties for impaired drivers who leave an accident scene. “Joey’s Law,” which went into effect in 2012, is named for 18-year-old Joey Romero.  The high school student was struck […]

Open Containers: A Step Toward DUI

Alcohol is a substance that is consider as a potential hazard. When not abused, alcohol can help for relaxation, socialization, and celebration. It does not become dangerous until someone chooses to do something truly foolish after drinking it, such as driving a car. Many states, including Arizona, have laws that are available to deter drunk […]

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