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Senate Panel Backs Bill to Suspend Trucker Safety Rules

As discussed in an editorial in the New York Times, the Senate Appropriations Committee has proposed suspending a new Department of Transportation regulation that requires truck drivers to rest for at least 34 hours after working 60 hours over seven days or 70 hours over eight days. The rule has been in effect since July of […]

Bus Accident Litigation in Arizona

Bus Accident Litigation In Arizona – Know Your Rights. It is difficult to imagine a more serious accident on the road than a bus crash. Buses are heavy, cumbersome vehicles with large passenger capacities and limited safety equipment. Many buses do not utilize seatbelts, and many are designed for passengers to stand while the bus […]

Semi-Trucks to Get New Safety Devices

As we previously reported, the bad news about semi truck safety is that a US Senate panel has proposed suspending a new Department of Transportation regulation that requires truckers to get more rest before driving. The good news is that new safety measures are being discussed that could reduce the number of semi-truck accidents. But, the […]

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