18+ Pro Tips for Handling Your Own Auto Accident Claim

18 Tips for Handling Your Own Auto Accident Claim. Let’s say you are at a stop sign in Chandler, Gilbert, maybe headed to Mesa, looking to take a right into the intersection, and as you inch forward, someone rear ends you from behind. You are in an Auto Accident. Now what? Do you make an […]

Leg & Arm Injury in Arizona Auto Accident

THE DAY OF THE ACCIDENT: Auto Accident Victim: “S.M.” (all names are changed for privacy) 50 years old, male. The Accident Date: The accident occurred on March 31, 2016, around 8:00 in the morning, in Phoenix, Arizona. Accident Location: The accident happened at the intersection of South 48th Street and East Warner Road in Phoenix, Arizona. Accident Description:  S.M. […]