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Why not all car accidents should be treated as equal

We probably don’t need to tell you that when it comes to car accidents – no case is ever the same. In fact, as the victim of an auto accident, you’ll already know your crash was a unique experience and will only be felt by you. But is your insurance company treating you as an individual or even recognizing your specific accident as being unique?

Here at Thompson Law, our team is all too familiar with car accident cases being grouped together but we work hard to see the individual needs of every case. And that’s our approach to representing your case too. Perhaps you were at fault or there’s a plaintiff involved but when you made your claim, the insurance company failed to see you as individuals and are behaving like you’re at fault too?

From the kind of vehicle accident to the injuries you may have suffered, car accidents are never black and white, which a professional attorney will spot but a large insurance company may not. We’ve put together a quick guide to help your case be seen as unique and hopefully reflected in your settlement.

Car accidents and insurance companies

According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel, traffic accidents cost US citizens over $380 billion every year– and the majority of these costs come directly from insurance companies. So, it’s easy to understand how insurance companies can be accused of handling accident cases much like yours, as numbers instead of humans.

Did you know, it’s at that moment you report your accident to your insurance company you’ll need to be really careful about what you say- and do- as it can affect the outcome of the accident investigation, and more importantly how much liability the at-fault party has. The insurance company will want to understand exactly what happened and if you embellish or even forget some key points, they’ll use it as justification for offering you your settlement.

Insurance companies seeing figures- not family

It’s easy for a huge insurance company to just see figures instead of a family so it’s our job to make them see you as an individual and understand the repercussions that have occurred as a result of this accident. As insurance is such a big industry in the US, their main focus is ultimately the settlement fee- particularly if they’re representing the plaintiff in the case.

Hiring an accident attorney will help secure the right settlement is reached without allowing the insurance company to treat you as just another accident figure. Here at Thompson law, we’re all too familiar with some of the tricks insurance companies can try when handling accident claims so we’re making an effort to share our own team’s experiences with you to help your own case avoid these tactics.

If you’re trying to navigate an insurance claim or need some support discussing your car accident case, why not give our team a call on (480) 634-7480. We’re always happy to offer a free consultation so give us a call today.

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