All you need to know about having a car accident in Phoenix Banner

All you need to know about having a car accident in Phoenix

So, you’ve had a car accident whilst enjoying a drive around the busy streets of Phoenix and now you’re faced with battling through a complex legal system. Immediately after the accident, you were probably faced with crowds of police officers from the Phoenix as well as the wreck of your car. Were they asking you a tonne of questions that felt unrelated or simply not relevant to what actually happened?

As a victim of someone’s poor driving, the Police may have concluded something different and this can make you feel victimized further and helpless as the police represent the law, right? In our experience, there have been citations handed out after an accident that our team has had dismissed as they simply weren’t rightly deserved. As you’ll know, every car accident is unique and although the police can help pick up the pieces- are they really the best judges of who’s at fault? 

If you’ve had a citation issued by the Police here in Phoenix and you’re pretty sure the accident wasn’t anything to do with you, our advice will hopefully help remove some of the stress in your case and empower you to question a citation that wasn’t fairly handed to you.

How to stand your ground in Phoenix

If your car accident was bad enough to draw attention from the police, you may be already feeling like your part in the accident was quickly prejudged. They may have pieced together one version of events or even issued you both with a citation. 

Police officers can sometimes get it wrong when working out who’s to blame at the accident site which is why it’s important to hire a legal professional to help represent what happened. If you’ve been handed a citation or ticket from the Phoenix Police, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty or even to blame- it means they understood the situation at the time and assigned blame.

Hiring an Arizona-based attorney for your case

A good lawyer who cares about digging into the specifics of your case may uncover evidence that proves the other party was at fault–even if police issued you a citation or blamed you for the accident. A legal professional will have the right skills to argue against the Police and present the facts as evidence after the events. It may have been a rushed decision or perhaps a misunderstanding and the judge can dismiss the citation should it be appropriate for your case.

Having a local attorney to Arizona will help support your case even further as they will be very familiar with the court system in the state, as well as the police departments, using their localized knowledge to your advantage.

Sadly, there’s no simple answer as every auto accident case is different, and your personal injury lawyer will let you know that from the beginning. Whether you had a car, motorbike, or even a cycle accident, our auto accident lawyers are always happy to have a chat through your case. 

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