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Car accidents and neck injuries- all you need to know Banner

Car accidents and neck injuries- all you need to know

We’ve all heard of whiplash and probably think of it as a ‘stiff neck’ after being involved in a car accident? But do you really know about the different degrees of whiplash and what it really means as an injury?

Instead of being considered as a minor neck injury, whiplash, and other neck and spinal injuries can be extremely serious- and often incredibly painful. Due to the nature of car accidents, neck injuries are very common but come in very different and individual sizes and some can develop into long-term injuries and issues.

Just like the individual situation of your auto accident, every injury sustained is different, and treating each accident injury individually is so important for the general success and outcome of the case. Your accident will be completely unique to you- as will your injuries so make sure to give yourself some time and when looking for legal advice, don’t compare your case to others.

What is whiplash?

First, let’s look at what whiplash is the common term used to describe a neck injury caused by a sudden and unexpected impact- typically in a car accident. Whiplash is a result of the sudden stopping motion and can show itself in varying degrees of pain from the head through the neck and even down the back. Whiplash can impact much more than the neck and can show in many other ways than simply being stiff! 

Why every neck injury is personal

If you’re currently suffering from any kind of neck or back pain or muscle ache after a car accident- it’s so important to get medical attention as soon as possible. Many injuries take a few weeks to show their true colors so as soon as you start to feel a twinge, ache, or pain- get medical help. 

Perhaps a friend or family member has experienced neck pain previously or been in a similar accident and they’ve tried to offer you advice. It can be tricky for people in your life not to offer up their own experiences but we would always recommend seeking medical advice first- don’t let that lingering pain carry on without seeking some help.

Other symptoms to watch out for

With neck injuries after an accident, it isn’t always straightforward- as we’ve learned representing many car accident cases. Some of our previous clients have experienced other symptoms such as ongoing headaches, arm ache, and even tinnitus as a side effect of a neck injury.

We’ve outlined a few other symptoms that have been known to show up weeks after an accident in this guide that helps raise awareness about related injuries. Often, many of our clients who experience neck pain, automatically assume it’s whiplash due to the nature of their accident. Whiplash is painful but so are other related injuries so, in any event, the best bet is to speak to a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Our experienced auto accident lawyers are all too aware of how neck injuries can disguise themselves as other ailments after a car accident and could help answer any further queries you might have about your own injuries and what it could mean for your case.

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