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What to do if you’ve been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re probably now wondering what your next steps should be? You may have already swapped details at the scene with the driver at fault, and now you’re wondering — what next?

As experienced auto accident lawyers in Arizona, our team is always happy to offer a helping hand when it comes to knowing your legal rights. We’ve shared the immediate steps to starting a legal case after an auto accident to help you through this rather stressful and often painful time.

  1. The first step– to contact your insurance company to let them know you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. They’ll ask you about the damage to your vehicle and any details of injuries that may have happened to you or your passengers. Your insurance company will also ask for the other driver’s details, including their insurance company and any additional information about the accident, such as if there was any police presence, etc.
  2. The second step – to have a call with the negligent drivers’ insurers, who will need to understand what happened. It’s crucial at this point to know your rights as a victim in the auto accident. When you do have a call with the insurance company representing the negligent driver, it’s important you only provide the necessary information. If they ask you at any point to record the call- simply say no. If they become pushy or even a little agitated- hang up. You’re perfectly in your right to remain silent and let a professional help represent you in the case.
  3. The third step– is knowing what to say to the insurance company of the other driver. When the negligent driver’s insurance company does call you, only give them your name, address, and name of your insurance company or even the name of the lawyer (if you’ve got that far). If they begin to ask for your versions of the event or try to make you say anything that could affect your claim, simply give them your contact details and hang up They shouldn’t need any further information from you at this point. Any new communication will then be through your legal representative.
  4. The fourth step- is hiring a trusted local attorney to help represent your legal case when it goes to court. Hiring an attorney who is familiar with state law in Arizona will help secure the right outcome for your case.

Getting the right compensation in an accident case is imperative; you are not only facing the costs of repairs and potential medical bills but any ongoing issues and illnesses that can develop from having a car accident. Our experienced auto accident lawyers are always happy to have a chat too about any questions you may have, why not contact our team today on (480) 634-7480.

For more help and general advice on what to do initially after an auto accident, why not read our frequently asked questions around auto accidents.

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