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Car accident injuries in Arizona

As a victim of a car accident in Arizona, you’ll know that your first thoughts were not ‘I wonder how much the insurance company will pay out’ but rather- ‘oh god, I hope everyone is OK!’. Car accidents are not only emotionally traumatic and in some cases incredibly painful, but they can also end up being very expensive, simply adding to the ongoing suffering you’re feeling. 

From the minute you’re involved in an accident, there will be upfront costs you’ll be expected to cover; replacing your vehicle for a start and addressing medical bills if you or your passengers were unlucky enough to get injured. There are a few harsh realities to having an accident and sadly the costs as well as how an insurance company will handle your claim are the main you’ll be confronted with immediately. 

Whilst your accident was unavoidable, knowing your rights and how your claim will be processed can be really helpful and even begin part of your own healing process. Knowing how your claim will be put together and considered will allow you to focus on recovery and manage expectations when it comes to reaching a final settlement. 

The price of your injuries

Insurance companies will take a colder approach when it comes to evaluating the settlement amount as they will consider how many bodily injuries were sustained; the ongoing medical costs, and even where your injuries are. For example, a broken leg will have more ‘value’ than a sprained wrist or hand but much less than a head injury. Sounds cruel, right? But that’s the sad reality when it comes to how insurance companies will attribute value to every case they handle. 

If you’re making a claim against someone else’s insurance company, they’re more likely to be extra vigilant when considering your injuries. After your medical assessment is shared, the insurance company will have started looking at your injuries listed and attributing a cost to your overall claim.

Don’t forget- your mental anguish and pain will also be recorded and considered by the insurance company as a separate injury, thanks to recent changes in Arizona state law. All of these factors will be considered as ongoing symptoms and will create a better understanding of the insurers when they build your claim.

Considering the value of every case

From the valuation of a case, through to exploring all possible avenues of blame and identifying the level of suffering, pain, and injury, a good accident lawyer will handle your case from the beginning, keeping you informed along the way. Knowing your rights as a victim of an accident will really help when it comes to accepting a final settlement for your injuries- and even rejecting the insurer’s first offer if it doesn’t add up for you.

Here at Thompson Law, we’re here to actively help out with all aspects of your accident and will work hard to settle your case in a manner that makes sure to reflect your ongoing suffering. Whether your accident has a clear at-fault driver, or there needs to be further legal work to conclude an impaired driver, our experienced team of lawyers has got you every step of the way.  Call us today on (480) 634-7480 and see how we could help your case.

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