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How law firms calculate the damages owed for DUI victims

As a recent victim of a DUI accident, you’ll probably want to know just how the damages are calculated in your case and ensure nothing is left behind when it comes to evaluating your ongoing suffering. As any good lawyer will tell you, auto liability claims can significantly vary depending on many factors including what the injuries were, the impact the accident has had on your life, the costs of damage to your vehicle as well as any non-incapacitating injuries such as stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

The non-financial costs of being a DUI victim

Before we touch on how the financial side is handled, a good attorney will also consider the non-financial costs on the impact of having an accident that wasn’t your fault. Whilst things like your medical bills will have a cost attributed to them, other personal costs to you such as missed workdays, ongoing injuries you’re having to endure, as well as your mental trauma with stress and even post-traumatic stress symptoms being considered. Whilst you won’t be able to say how much these factors have actually afforded you, your attorney will attribute a financial cost to your overall case that will make sure you’re not left overlooked in other aspects.

How firms calculate the damage after a DUI accident

Here in the state of Arizona,  the average settlement awarded for car accidents that cause property damage is $9,282 whilst accidents that cause non-incapacitating injuries is around $23,154. 

If the driver responsible has been found to have been driving under the influence, it’s likely they’ll prefer their insurance company to payout but it’s really important to consider all settlement offers before simply accepting them. A professional DUI attorney will know just how to work out ongoing costs to your and your family as a direct result of being involved in this accident and unlike the faceless insurance company, they’ll have your best interests at heart when representing your case.

If you have tragically lost a family member to a DUI accident and are now faced with representing them from a legal perspective, the financial calculation made by your attorney will significantly increase as they will consider other avenues such as a wrongful death claim which in Arizona can reach well over $1million at the final settlement.

How we at Thompson Law calculate damages owed from DUI

Tragically, drink driving accidents in America are so common that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 30 people a day died in DUI accidents in 2019 alone. That is a huge number of fatal accidents that could have been prevented and so when an attorney calculates the final settlement, they will draw on many other statistics such as this to help reach a final amount. 

Hiring a professional liability attorney will not only ensure all your ongoing expenses and costs are successfully recovered but that your final settlement truly reflects the injuries and ongoing suffering you’ve personally experienced at the mercy of someone else’s misdemeanor.

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