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Being Involved In A High-speed Car Crash; All You Need To Know

In 2018, speeding was the cause of over 26% of all fatal traffic accidents in America, meaning 25 people a day were killed in the year. It’s no surprise either as due to their very nature, high-speed crashes often have deadly consequences for those involved. High-speed accidents happen for the same reasons other traffic accidents happen; distraction, drink-driving, and general human error, the only difference is the aftermath.

Defined by US law as’ exceeding the speed limit’, a high-speed crash is any accident that happens as a result of a vehicle driving at excessive speeds and loses control. These accidents often have a knock-on effect for family and friends too as they’re left with so many unanswered questions, having to handle the legal consequences of the accident.

As experienced accident attorneys, we’ve handled many high-speed crash cases that have had a serious impact on families. Our article shares all the things you need to know about being involved in a high-speed crash.

At What Speed Can You Survive A Car Crash?

Technically, you can survive an accident at both very slow and high-speeds but the chances of surviving injury the faster the vehicle is traveling is significantly reduced. We’ve represented crash cases where someone has tragically died being hit in a stationary vehicle with the other car going slow on impact but we’ve also been involved in high-speed crash cases where all drivers involved have survived.

Surviving a crash at any speed depends on many factors such as weather conditions, whether you were wearing a seatbelt, and sadly how old the vehicle is (was it equipped with newer safety features). That being said, many studies support the notion that the higher the speed, the greater chance of fatalities happening.

What Speed To Most Car Crashes Happen?

In 2011, a study was conducted to understand and measure the survival rates in car accidents depending on the speed at which they happen. As a result, over 90% of people involved in an accident at 20mph or less survived the impact and the injuries sustained as a result. There has since been further research conducted by the National Center of Statistics, that states  70% of car crash fatalities happen on roads with a speed limit of 40mph. Whilst it’s possible these accidents happen because drivers are breaking the speed limit, it also indicates that survival from a car crash is 

Whilst you may think more high-speed crashes happen in urban areas, only 45% of high-speed accidents happen in towns compared to 54% that occur in rural areas. And it would seem the time of day has an impact too, with 46% of high-speed crashes in rural areas happening at night. Another factor that could be considered in this instance is the time taken to get medical help may have an impact on survival in these cases. With more rural communities relying on passersby to notice an accident site or even witness it happening vs. no one passing at the time, the likelihood of surviving is then dramatically affected.

Life After A High-Speed Accident

If you or a family member have survived a high-speed accident, chances are you’ll be living with long-term injuries that need ongoing medical attention. Life after a high-speed accident is often stressful and can be traumatic for people as the extent of the injuries caused is life-changing. The injuries sustained are nearly always very serious and complex due to the very nature of a high-speed impact. People experience brain injuries, can lose limbs, or become paralyzed, changing their lifestyle and physical needs for the rest of their life. 

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