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Coping with back pain and spasms after an accident

If you’ve recently had an accident that wasn’t your fault and as a result, been left injured and enduring ongoing pain, chances are you’re experiencing bad back pains on top of everything else. Coping with any kind of pain- especially if it was completely out of your control- is miserable. Here at Thompson Law, we understand that living with pain is one of the most enduring side effects of an auto accident.

Our blog explores why our spines and neck often take the full force in a vehicle accident and more importantly how to cope with ongoing pain and injury that is often caused when you experience an accident at speed.

Why your spine can be easily injured

Our spines often bear the full brunt in a vehicle accident- particularly if you’ve been rear-ended, leaving people often with ongoing aches and pain in their backs, often as an ongoing issue. The spine is almost always impacted by an accident as the body continues to move forward after a sudden stopping force from a vehicle hitting something else. Whilst most back pain goes away in a few days, when it doesn’t it can indicate a serious condition that needs treatment or even surgery.

The spine is an intricate and delicate part of the body and when they’re subjected to trauma or force, it can have an ongoing impact on mobility, pain management, and even other health implications. As it connects all other limbs, the spine can also become a secondary injury, long after an accident, as your body adjusts or compensates for feeling pain in other parts of the body such as the shoulder, arm, or hip.

Coping with back pain and spasms after an accident

Our backs are a complex column of bone, muscles, nerves, ligaments, skin, and other tissues. When any of these parts are damaged either alone of combined, it can cause serious pain and ongoing issues such as spontaneous spasms and aches. It is always important to seek medical advice as soon as possible after a vehicle accident to help identify any underlying spinal injuries or damage that you may not be able to feel.

Depending on just how much pain an individual feels on a day to day basis will then depend on the methods a doctor would advise to try to help ease the pain. There is a range of medicinal painkillers available as well as recommended movements to try. Certain exercises such as yoga, swimming, and even walking can also help maintain mobility and ease the pain and spasms in the back, as well as regular physiotherapy which is another popular option for managing pain. Ultimately, your back pain is individual to you and your accident so it’s important to seek professional advice when trying to manage ongoing pain.

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