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Auto accidents in Chandler, Arizona -All you need to know

So you’ve had a car accident whilst making your way through the busy streets of Chandler, AZ, and now you’re wondering what the legal implications will be in the state?

As you may already know, Chandler is one of the most popular suburbs in Phoenix, Arizona, with innovation and technology jobs as well as the ever-popular Farmers Market bringing people from all around Arizona. With the influx of visitors comes the heavy traffic which inevitably leads to higher chances of having an auto accident.

If you’re one of the unlucky drivers who have had an accident and want some further guidance, we’ve shared some of our own tips that have really helped when representing local clients and covering some of the more nuanced and perhaps forgotten parts of your own situation. 

Our guide considers some of the elements our team will consider when representing someone in their own city and why a local attorney is often the better choice for legal representation.

Hitting back with local knowledge

Time of day, traffic volumes, and even if there were particular attractions on that day will all be meticulously considered when you hire a local lawyer to represent your case in Chandler, AZ. 

Maybe you had an accident in a renowned ‘hot-spot’ for bad visibility or even a well-known crash site, hiring an attorney who is very familiar with both the local area and the laws will help support your case. It’s really important to consider external factors that could have added to the chances of an accident happening and if you’re not familiar with Chandler or don’t know your way around town, you may not include these in your case.

Having localized knowledge of the accident scene, a local attorney can really help re-create the accident scene when representing your case in court and they’ll include aspects of your accident you may not have even considered.

Why a local attorney will help your legal case in Chandler

Perhaps you were visiting family or trying to get to work when your accident happened and your not entirely familiar with where you now stand legally. Having an accident anywhere can feel all-consuming but when it’s in a state you’re not familiar with, it can feel worse. As a bustling city, Chandler sees it’s own fair share of accidents, and whilst every one of them is unique as an incident, often there are similar elements such as time and location.

Our dedicated team of attorneys is very familiar when it comes to unpicking the laws in Arizona and has clocked up a number of years fighting insurance companies as well as negligent drivers to secure a successful result for our clients. Our attorneys are all locally based and have lived and worked within the legal system here in Chandler, for years. Their combined experiences and knowledge can really help when representing accident cases, as they’re always considering other potential issues that may help your claim.

If you need help with your car accident case or even want to have a chat with one of our auto accident lawyers, why not call us today on (480) 634-7480. Our team is more than happy to take your call and help out where they can.

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