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Need Cash After an Auto Accident? Tips on Auto Accident Loans

I.  Introduction Pre-settlement funding is a loan, the collateral for which is a lawsuit settlement or verdict award. Almost any personal injury plaintiff can apply to a pre-settlement funding company and, if approved, they can receive money up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, all secured by a lien on their ultimate settlement or […]

18+ Pro Tips for Handling Your Own Auto Accident Claim

18 Tips for Handling Your Own Auto Accident Claim. Let’s say you are at a stop sign in Chandler, Gilbert, maybe headed to Mesa, looking to take a right into the intersection, and as you inch forward, someone rear ends you from behind. You are in an Auto Accident. Now what? Do you make an […]

Victims of DUI and Dram Shop Laws in Arizona

What Are the Rights of Victims of DUI and Dram Shop Laws in Arizona? This article focuses on the rights of Victims of DUI and the Dram Shop laws in Arizona. These rights and laws focus on keeping people safe and eliminating DUI victims. Although there are widespread campaigns to warn against the dangers of […]

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