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Arizona looks to regulate map use while driving

We’re all so familiar with the handy maps apps on our phones, a simple click to open and the map automatically updates to find your live location. Great right, especially when you’re driving and get lost- or perhaps run out of gas and want to know where your nearest gas station is. But, as soon as you reach for your phone, you’ve become a distracted driver and may potentially go on to have an accident.

The state of Arizona is now looking to regulate the use of map apps in our vehicles as the increasing number of distracted driver accident cases begins to creep up. We explore why map apps may be causing more crashes than you think and why regulating them may be the right thing.

Thinking of going on a road trip? Better pack the satnav

We all turn to use our handy smartphones when we’re out and about and want directions but having direct access to phones when driving is against the law. With distracted driving cases drastically rising and drives being caught with their phones, the law in Arizona is starting to take action. Unlike many other states in America, Arizona doesn’t actually condemn the use of texting whilst driving however, it does come down hard on drivers who are found guilty of causing an accident as a result of their careless and reckless driving.

Allowing drivers to become distracted by anything such as a phone is considered punishable in the eyes of the law and that could now include using map apps whilst driving. But, what about those handy apps that have been created specifically to help dodge traffic jams or even take shortcuts? Currently, the law is set to crack down tougher on the use of distracting apps whilst driving although these are just planned regulations and haven’t been passed through just yet.

If you’re planning to travel or fancy a road trip with friends, pack a trusted satnav instead and avoid falling foul of distracted driving and potentially tougher regulations should you be found to be using an app when driving.

Regulating map apps in our cars

Using map apps is not only so easy to do but is convenient and fits into our busy daily lives, but just one glance at the screen away from the road ahead is sometimes all it takes. Whilst the law doesn’t cover texting or speaking on a loudspeaker, The Transportation Department is now considering regulating map apps specifically, in a bid to help reduce the number of preventable accidents that are a direct result of someone using one.

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